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Things My Mom Taught Me

Eugene Quinn

Things My Mom Taught Me – Never Lie with Jim Momper

Jim is one of the most successful salesman you will ever meet. He started with nothing and has built his company in excess of $100,000,000 in sales. He is Founder and Chairman of BP Enterprises. What makes Jim successful is the lessons he learned from his mother and when he tells his story you find yourself saying yea mom told me the same thing.
Jim listened to his mother and now will tell us those things she told him and what it takes to be a successful salesman into days world.
Moms Food For Thought segment is back on this week since so many people asked for it. It has a summer theme but still makes you think.

Things My Mom Taught Me – Humor is important in Success with Bill Rohde, Chairman BASCO Shower Doors

A lesson I learned from my mother was always have a sense of humor. When things got tough my mother always looked on the bright side of things with her sense of humor. She passed that on to me and Im thrilled she did. Another person who learned the same lesson from his mother was Bill Rohde, Chairman of BASCO Shower Doors. Bill has a wonderful story to tell having growing up in a family that owned a funeral home humor was very important. He tells how humor played a big part in his success. Join me and Bill Rhode and learn why humor is important to success.

Things My Mom Taught Me – How Moms Help Us with Rich Melman and Ken Anderson

My guest today are Rich Melman, Chairman, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises and Ken Anderson, Former NFL Quarterback, MVP and played in the Super Bowl. They both have been on top of their chosen fields yet they tell how their mothers are the reason for their success.
Having talked about my book, Moms are the CEO’s of Life, Rich gives a interesting perspective of moms as CEO’s
They both have very exciting stories to tell of their success but the most exciting part of the interviews are hearing how their mothers helped them.
Join me and listen to these two fascinating people tell how much their moms impacted their lives and realize the simple lessons our mothers teach us are the reason for the success we have in life.

Things My Mom Taught Me – Do the Right Thing with William Keating

In my book “Moms Are The CEO’s of Life” i write about the lessons my mom taught me, many of her lessons could have been titled “Do The Right Thing”.
A person who learned the same thing from his mother was William Keating. He is one of the most humble people I have ever talked to. He thanks his mother for giving him the skills to be a success and what a success he is.
Judge, congressman, head of USA Today, Chairman of AP, and Head of Gannett publishing just to name a few of his accomplishments. It is the perfect interview for Mothers Day so join me as I talked to Mr. Keating about his success and his mother.
I just want to wish all mothers in the listening audience a “Happy Mothers Day!” Thank you and enjoy.

Things My Mom Taught Me – Dr. Luis Gonzalez

Dr. Robert Schuller wrote a famous book called “Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do”. My guest today is Dr. Luis Gonzalez and he is surely one of those tough people.
In my book, “Moms are the CEO’s of Life“, one of the lessons my mother always stressed to us was share your gift with others and always be kind to others. Dr. Gonzalez learned this same lesson from his mother. He has with out a doubt one of the most heartwarming stories to tell.
He will make you laugh, cry and learn to be thankful for what you have.
Sit back and listen to one of the greatest stories of life that you will ever hear. What ever you do listen to the whole interview, you will thank when its over.

Things My Mom Taught Me – Hilary Knight, Eloise Illustrator

With our march to Mothers Day I have a very special guest, Hilary Knight, the illustrator for the Eloise books.
My mom always taught me to do what i enjoy in life and then it is not a job.
Hilary’s mother taught him to do the same things and he ran with his dream.
Everyone knows the Eloise books but Hilary Knight will tell us how got to be apart of a set of books they are popular from generation to generation.
Mothers day is right around the corner and what a great way to invite everyone to meet the person who made one of their childhood books come to life.

Things My Mom Taught Me – “30 Lessons for Life”


Things My Mom Taught Me – Don Kirshner

This is my favorite interview I have ever done. I had the pleasure of interviewing Don for my book, “Moms rate the CEO’s of Life”.
Don Kirshner was king from the 50’s to the 70’s. He was called “The Man With The Golden Ear” by Time magazine. He discovered Carol King, Neil Sadaka, Tony Orlando, Monkee’s and many more.
He started “Don Kirshner Rock Concerts” and many more avenues for rock music.
If you ever listened to music in the 50’s through the 80″s this is the one show you need to listen to. I had the honor to be the last person to interview Don before he died, so this interview is close to my heart. I know if you listen you realize who awesome this show is but also what he gave to music.

Things My Mom Taught Me – Film with Director Michael Sweeny

My mother always instilled in me to do what makes you happiest and my guest Michael Sweeny is one who has lived that lesson.
Michael talks about when he was younger and dreamed of being in film, acting out movies with his friends.
He takes us through the excitement of getting accepted to NYU Film School, one of the most prestigious film schools in the world.
He takes us on his journey through school and after school in the real world of film and what it is to be a director of film.
It is an exciting show and anyone who likes watching film will love the story he tells of making his passion a career
Michael has a clip of his work for us to view and anyone wanting to work with him or help finance a movie can reach him at

Things My Mom Taught Me – T.J. O’Hara for president

Today I am interviewing T.J. O’Hara who is running for President as a citizen, no party affiliation. What he has to say will wake up all voters no matter if they vote left or right. T.J. votes for American no party favors needed. If you have always been involved in politics or never been involved this is a spectacular show to listen to. What is unique about T.J. is he just wants people informed and involved. If you listen and want to vote for someone else, he’s happy because you made an informed decision.
Tune in and listen, decide and make a informed selection.
T.J. is an engaging person and wants to help us get back on the right track.
Find out all his information at: