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Margaret McSweeney

Truffles and Tribulations – Culinary Rock Star Chef Jaime Laurita

Madonna, Sting, Steven Tyler and Sarah McLachlan are just a few of Chef Jaime’s clients. Discover how Chef Jaime creates a memorable ambiance of food, mood and music both on the road and in the home. “All in good taste.” He shares his heart for helping others along with secret ingredients to make any dish sing. Tune in and become “the rock star” of your kitchen! Meet Chef Jaime via twitter @chefjmelaurita or in person at the culinary event for Wings

Truffles and Tribulations – At The Family Table with Chef Michael Romano

Did you ever wonder what and when the chefs and staffs at restaurants eat their meals? Award winning Chef Michael Romano provides a behind-the-scenes peak along with recipes from his new book Family Table: Favorite Staff Meals from Our Restaurants to Your Home. Included are delicious tales and tastes from the iconic Union Square Cafe and the other popular restaurants of the Union Square Hospitality Group. As a home cook, you, too face the challenge of time, budget and culinary creativity. Chef Michael appreciates your daily dilemma of “What’s for dinner?” He hopes that the recipes from Family Table will inspire your family to sit down together at the table.

Truffles and Tribulations – Pati’s Mexican Table

Chef Pati Jinich, host of PBS series Pati’s Mexican Table shares the secrets of real Mexican home cooking. Discover “the world of salsas that people outside of Mexico have yet to taste.” Determine which pepper to use for your dish. Delight in the easy to prepare recipes from her book such as Chicken A La Trash, i.e. Pollo A La Basura and the delicious Piggy Cookies, ie. Cochinitos, Marranitos, Puerquitos. So pull up a chair and join Chef Pati’s Mexican Table.

Truffles and Tribulations – Today’s Catch: Pike Place Fish Market

Ready for some fish and tips? Tune in to this week’s show with Anders Miller, one of the Pike Place Fish guys. Anyone for grunts and grits? Discover some great recipes from their cookbook, In the Kitchen with the Pike Place Fish Guys What are your favorite seafood recipes?

Truffles and Tribulations – Culinary Arts and the Community

Today’s show pairs cuisine with the arts and the community. Sample Chef Elinor’s delicious recipes for stuffed cabbage, meatballs with curry sauce and stuffed peppers. She will be at The Flower & Garden Show at Navy Pier on March 16 at 6:30 to demonstrate her unique preparation of Mediterranean Sole. Discover how Curt’s Cafe in Evanston is helping at-risk teens by bringing them into the kitchen to teach culinary and life skills. Enjoy the original watercolor art of distinguished landscape architect, Blythe Yost whose “From Above” series will be featured at Curt’s Cafe March 16- May 15th. Connect with the community and cuisine.

Truffles and Tribulations – Spicing it up with The Spice House

A bit of Za’atar or maybe a pinch of Vulcan Fire Salt? Discover exotic flavors as we explore the world of spice on today’s show with Patty Erd of The Spice House ( What is your favorite spice?

Truffles and Tribulations – Desserts and Brunch with Chef Gale Gand

Chef Gale Gand is a nationally acclaimed pastry chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, television personality, teacher, entrepreneur and mother. She has baked with Julia Child, hosted “Sweet Dreams” on the Food Network, written seven cookbooks, judged “Top Chef,” and even created a root beer. Tune in for delicious tidbits from Chef Gale to bring “joy and success into your kitchen.” And discover what she makes for the school bake sale. #Galegand #greatchefs #Juliachild #foodnetwork

Truffles and Tribulations – How to Remodel Your Kitchen

Thinking about renovating your kitchen? Expert Scott Prestangen of Parallel Architecture has some great advice and tips to make the job less expensive and more eco-friendly.

Truffles and Tribulations – Sweetness in Seattle with Chef Tom Douglas

James Beard award winning chef and restaurateur, Chef Tom Douglas shares some “sweetness in Seattle” from his New York Times Best Seller, The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook. Sample his famous coconut cream pie and Nora Ephron’s favorite peanut butter sandwich cookie. Savor Chef Tom’s insights into how to make tasty memories for the family in your kitchen. Be inspired by his passion and action to feed those who are hungry by raising money for

The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook =

Truffles and Tribulations – Chef Norman Van Aken’s Culinary Fusion: James Beard and Jimmy Buffett

Grab a slice of key lime pie and enjoy a delicious show with James Beard award winning Chef Norman Van Aken. Savor his recipes from My Key West Kitchen along with a side of fun stories about friendship and adventures with Chef Charlie Trotter, Chef Emeril Lagasse, Jimmy Buffett and Chef Art Smith. Impress your fellow foodies by learning that Chef Norman was the one who coined the culinary term “fusion.”