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Urban Film Radio

Gary Hughes

Urban Film Radio – Nakia T Hamilton

Owner of Luv Life Entertainment and Filmmaker Nakia T Hamilton is the guest on this edition of UFR. Coming off his success of his last film “Blame it on the Alcohol” we talk to Mr. Hamilton about his newest Docu/Feature “Put a ring on it”, tune in. link

Urban Film Radio – Angel L. Brown

Angel L. Brown is my guest on this edition of Urban Film Radio. We dicuss Cinematiq Magazine, the plight of women and people of color in film, and today’s independent filmmaker. All that and more so tune in.

Urban Film Radio – Bill H McKinney

Today we talk Bill H McKinney III, founder/CEO of Global Pictures,a highly creative and idealistic professional with over 15 years of experience in various aspects of the business and entertainment arena. Mr. McKinney discusses the world of film distrubution. Tune in.

Urban Film Radio – Devon V Collins

Today we talk to editor Devon V. Collins as we learn about the process of video editing, the do’s and don’ts of the trade and much much more. Tune in.

Urban Film Radio – Vince Paul

Vince Paul is our guest today as he shares with us how he turned
himself from an actor to not only just a talent agent, but one with
his own successful company. Listen as we talk about the education and
mentorship components of his company, as well.

Urban Film Radio – Introductory Show-Reelblack’s Micheal Dennis

These days technology has given the independent filmmakers a chance to put out a great project without a Hollywood budget. Filmmakers of color are on a rise all of the world because of this fact. Join us as we talk to one of the filmmakers you never here about. Micheal Dennis, will share with about his early childhood in Philadelphia, the experiences of attending film school, to running his own film production company. You will find out that the best thing about film is the story.