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Victory In Action: Your Life Matters

Deborah Howell

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Victory in Action – The Power of Resilience

We all face various challenges in our lives. How do we handle these challenges? My guest today is Scott Frost. Scott has demonstrated the true power of resilience. In the midst of his success as an entrepreneur, a major life changing event occurred. His attitude and approach to his situation and overall recovery has been remarkable. His ability to move through personal challenges and continue to build on his business successes has been truly amazing… Spinal Injury Recovery Foundation:

Victory in Action – The Power of Your Perception

What is your perspective on life and your life experiences? Do you see your glass as half full or half empty? The emotional, mental and physical challenges in life can be overwhelming, and have you feeling depressed and discouraged. My guest today, Dave, has been struggling with a half empty outlook on life. He was seriously injured in an accident that resulted in paralysis. He had lost movement and/or control of his arms and legs, and could no longer care for himself. His independence and life as he knew it had drastically changed after the accident. Listen in on this episode to hear Dave’s story and his perspective. Learn how he’s starting to see the half full perspective with a few of his greatest challenges. Some of his personal challenges may be very similar to yours.

Victory in Action – The Look and Feel of Perseverance!

As physical therapist working in acute care rehabilitation, I see life-altering situations almost daily, but what I don’t ordinarily see is a level of tenacity and perseverance as my guest today, Margaret. She is a beautiful and amazing lady whose life experiences offer true testament to the heart and soul of Perseverance! She worked as a nurse for 42 years, and then suddenly her life changed after a seemingly minor injury, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. Just as she was getting better, along came another crisis, and then another–several life-changing diagnoses, one right after the other! Margaret will share her story with us and also talk about how she manages to keep her head up, maintaining a “full speed ahead” attitude!

Victory in Action – The Journey of Self-Discovery: Learning to Own Our Voice and Our Truth

How many of us have denied ourselves, not listened to our own voice because of an over-riding voice or voices from people close to us?

My guest today is Emily Stokes, a young entrepreneur living in Seattle, Washington. She will openly share with us some of her all-time “Highs” and “Lows” — what it took for her to get out from under the cloud of self-doubt and judgment and what it took to start listening to her voice which guided her to create an online community for young women called GIRLS GONE R.I.G.H.T. which stands for: REAL INTELLECTUAL GIRLS HIGHLY THRIVING.
Listen to Emily’s inspiring story and allow YOUR voice to guide you to YOUR truth.

Victory in Action – When Disaster Strikes Home…

Life presents us with many challenges and unexpected circumstances meant for our growth. My guest today is James Haig. James is a pilot with Fed Ex., an Air Force Academy graduate, and currently serves as a Hurricane Hunter in the Air Force Reserves. Ironically, his work with tracking hurricanes had an unforeseen impact on his life and livelihood in a much more personal manner. During this interview, James will share his story on what he lost, what he gained, and what really matters.