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X-Squared Radio

X-Squared Radio – The Discovery of Two Space Programs

NASA has long been the world’s public relations portal for space exploration. But are they telling us everything? No. Tune into this amazing report including a rare recording of President Kennedy describing what may be the tip of a space program so huge that it may go past your imagination. What was President Eisenhower afraid of as he left office? What is Obama doing now by thowing a mere $6 billion at the space program in Florida while trillions are being processed through what may be an scandal of interplanetary proportions. Tune in and find out.

X-Squared Radio – Remote Viewing: The Past and the Future are open for Business

What is your optimum career path? Where is the best place to live? Where is the lost treasure of the Incas? Wouldn’t it be nice if the universe of energy and time could be accessed as easily as you read a travel brochure? Skip Atwater is a forner Army Intellignece Officer in charge of training for remote viewing and founder of the Monroe Institute teaching students how to remote view. “The future changes, just because you looked at it,” says Nicholas Cage in the movie Next. Are you ready to slip behind the curtain to see how the wizard makes it all happen? Step inside this interview and discover the possibilities.

X-Squared Radio – Gulf of Mexico can still be saved

Dr. Tom Tesmotto is a board certified physician who lives in the Tallahassee area. Although the BP well appears to be capped, with dozens of fakes video and pictures being fed to the public, their integrity has Floridians worried. What’s being done to stop BP from selling off their assets, leaving a shell of a company to be kicked through bankruptcy court like an empty soda can? What are citizens able to do to protect themselves from global corporate energy domination? Dr. Tesmotto’s website is Tune in and feel the pulse of scientific talk radio.

X-Squared Radio – A provocative view of the nature of reality.

What if reality isn’t what you think it is? Author Jim Elvidge says it’s actually not as far-fetched as it seems in his latest book, The Universe Solved. We are marching toward an inevitable merge with machines, and we may have already reached a point where the impossible is within our grasp. Find out why the universe may be so perfectly designed to support life and matter. Find out why it feels like life is accelerating. And if the programmer were to hit ctrl-alt-del, would we even know the difference? Or, are you awake enough you don’t have to dodge bullets any more?

X-Squared Radio – BP Oil Spill is a False Flag Event.

The world watches while the worst ecological disaster in U.S. history coats the pristine shores of four states with crude oil. But was it an accident? This interview with film maker and investigative reporter, Jonathan Elinoff, puts the pieces together to explain how the leaders involved in the BP oil Spill are also members of the Bilderberg Group. Tens of trillions of dollars are in play as the masters of the world decide the fate of private enterprise with the most incredible false flag event of all time. Tune in for the details.

X-Squared Radio – A lifetime of Study of the Minke Whales

Dr. Jonathan Stern has spent his life in small boats following, listening, and photographing Minke Whales all over the world. Have you ever been Scuba diving and had the feeling you were being watched, only to turn around and see four Killer Whales jockeying for position to get a good look at you?  Did you know that whales breathe consciously and can hunt in silence by turning their sonar off so they can sneak up on their prey? You haven’t heard anything yet. Whales, up close and personal on X-Squared Radio.

X-Squared Radio – The Sphinx Shaft Mystery

Well known explorer and Egyptologist Andrew Collins joins us to discuss the mysterious shaft being dug near the Sphinx on the Gizan Plateau. At first a dark and shakey video was released to the web claiming that a secret dig was taking place and antiquities were being removed in the dead of night. Then we published 20 daytime photos of the actual site, proving that the shaft did, in fact exist. Now, Andrew Collins gives us the behind-the-scenes details that set the record straight. If you’re curious about the most famous ancient site on Earth, then tune in to listen for more.

X-Squared Radio – How did the ancient Watchers travel through space to Earth? Are they still here?

This episode covers the possibilities of interplanetary travel and how close we might be to taking flight.

X-Squared Radio – The Looting of the Sphinx Chamber. Stunning 20 photos that prove there is a shaft being dug in front of the Sphinx

Evidence may indicate that artifacts are being removed in the night. Who’s behind it? What did they find? Tune in and learn more.

X-Squared Radio – Dr. Amit Goswami talks about the quantum possibilities of the existence of the universe

As it turns out, human consciousness is integrally involved in the creation process. Tune in and learn about the possibilities