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Your Health Rocks

Your Health Rocks – Learn the nutrition facts you might not know about sugar, grains and fructose corn syrup and how they affect your health

Dr. Thomas Redner, Founder of Redner Integrated Health discusses the science behind the nutrition we eat, and explains what’s good to eat, what’s bad to eat and why.

Your Health Rocks – Learn how nurses are gearing up to step in and be an increasingly important part of the healthcare scene and what that means to you

Guest Greer Glazer, RN, PhD and Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, MA gives listeners a glimpse into the future of healthcare and nursing, and how these changes will impact patients in the decade to come.

Your Health Rocks – Anti-aging: Miracle or Myth?

The anti-aging industry is an $88 Billion business. But will it help you live longer and better? We discuss this topic with our guest Arlene Weintraub, author of Selling the Fountain of Youth.

Your Health Rocks – Holiday time is the season to be jolly. But not if you’ve got the seasonal blues.

Join us in our interview with Dr. Ronald Podell, a psychiatrist and founder of the Center for Bio-Behavioral Science in Los Angeles, as we explore depression during the holiday season and beyond. Learn what it is, how to avoid it, and what to do about it if it happens to you. You’ll also learn about a new biological treatment for depression, anxiety and sleep problems that could change your life.

Your Health Rocks – How to Erase Arthritis

Arthritis expert Dr. Nathan Wei offers easy to understand facts about what is arthritis, when to go to the doctor, and what you can do to reduce the pain and side effects of America’s #1 chronic condition.

Your Health Rocks – The Southeast Texas STEM Center: A model for helping America keep its edge in science, technology, engineering in math

Clifford Houston, Ph.D. Associate Vice President for Educational Outreach and Marguerite Sognier, Ph.D. Director, Educational Outreach at the University of Texas Medical Branch describe an incredible program designed as a model for the nation to engage kids in the sciences and keep America strong.

Your Health Rocks – Childhood obesity is a major health problem, affecting up to 45% of urban kids. Find out what Go Kids Boston is doing to combat this problem and what lessons can be learned for after school providers across the country.

Our interview is with Jean Wiecha, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Exercise and Health Science at the University of Massachusetts and Director or GoKids Boston Research, Training and Outreach Center

Your Health Rocks – Meet the Host of the new PBS show Functional Fitness Starring Suzanne Andrews

Learn how routine items in your home and this host can turn your living room into a gym and keep you staying fit and functional.

Your Health Rocks – Is there a power to heal when conventional treatments fail?

Pearl is a former chiropractor and author of The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself. He shares his experiences healing people whose conditions persist after traditional treatments.

Your Health Rocks – How to find healthy on a restaurant menu

Men’s Health Editor Gregg Stebben answers the question: “Does a hamburger, shake and fries have more calories than a salad?” You might be surprised by the answer to this and a lot more questions. And hear the latest HealthRock songs from the new obesity CD called “Let’s Move”.