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Your Quantum Computer Within

Your Quantum Computer Within – Our Most One-Der-Ful Heart Sutra – Within

In the Buddhist tradition, there was a famous 2nd Century B.C. Boddhisatva named Avalokiteshvara, who decided to incarnate one more time. In order to pass over to all of man/woman kind – what became known as the Heart Sutra, or The Heart of Compassion Teaching. The ending poetic metaphor is his call to action or prayer: which goes, Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha! And which in translation could be said to mean: Gone (or Whole Being Spirit Soaring); Gone (or Whole Being Spirit Soaring); Gone Beyond (or, So Soaring Through The Warm Whole of One’s Heart – As To Now Find One’s Inner Most Spirit Self Gone – Well Beyond the Ordinary Bounds of Mere Body Alone); Altogether Gone (Which is To Say – Now So Open Heart Spirit Soaring Beyond All Bounds – That I Now Actually Can Greater Sense My Highest Most Aware Self – Able to Reach All My Way Out To Infinity & Beyond); All Hail Awaken (or Hail All of You From This Place of Greater Awareness – I Now Call Upon My Own Buddha Spirit Nature & Indeed All Inner Buddha Spirit Natures to Fully Awaken – Into That Limitless No Boundaries Empty – While At The Very Same Time Most Unitary Full of Pure Spirit – Great Whole Essentially Unlimited Singular Most Field – Which Is of At-One-Ment Consciousness Itself). How absolutely Precious! Positively relevant to all Great Religious Perspectives – Today!

Your Quantum Computer Within – Our Most Sacred Hearts Within

Our great human tragedy, is that so many of us keep looking to some-one or some-thing outside of ourselves to try and save us. As though some-one else like a Krishna, an Aphrodite, a Moses, a Buddha, a Lao Tsu, a Christ, a Mohammed, a Black Elk who has found access to the great One Source, can somehow help us by way of our simply believing in – their greatness. When in greater truth, they were all merely doing their best to point into, what can be found inside of each of our very own selves. All hail awaken, for it is only with your own Sacred Heart within, that the true happiness you seek can be found. Once you truly get this, this will be the moment you will finally begin to under-stand the greater glory of our ‘made in the image’ human design.

Your Quantum Computer Within – Taking Response-Ability – Like Never Before

The time has come for all of humanity to wake up and realize, that the Kingdom of Heaven within, cannot be found without us making a certain effort to become fully conscious. Historically we have tried to rely on believing as our means to be saved. The big problem with merely believing, is that it starts to set people against each other. In the huge lack of sense that we start to believe our beliefs are better and therefore make us better – than those we do not hold our same beliefs. This is just another ego-centric game – with the result of centuries of endless conflict. On the other hand the moment we come to actually experience a state of non-separte At-One-Ment, or Atone-Ment, with that larger whole which is both at the same time Imminent, as well as Transcendental. We begin to realize that we are all of us a most intimate part of this larger Hologram, that we have been referring to as God. The good news is that as more and more of us begin to truly get this, we are going to have a chance to blast ourselves forward into the sort of new renaissance, that will make the last one seem like child’s play.

Your Quantum Computer Within – What Does It Mean to Become Conscious

In terms of the emotional aspect of our potential to function in more consciously fulfilling ways. To the extent we contract in resistance and fear, the more our emotions tend to way too unconsciously – compel rule us. In terms of the more rational / logical of our potential to function in more consciously fulfilling ways. To the extent we let our endlessly blaming and worrying rat like, mad dog constantly rationalizing and justifying monkey minds – rule us. The more our devious un-centered mad dog minds – tend to rule us. In terms of the more core integral heart core centered aspect of our potential to function in more and more consciously fulfilling ways. To the extent we loose our ability to hear and now our hearts, and thus potential to attune to our most awake possible – total love of life. The less and less likely are we ever going to find the true happiness and completely joyful ways of living ourselves ever forward – we all so much long for.

Your Quantum Computer Within – Why Completion & Forgiveness

To every degree we keep holding unto any form of resentment, anger & or hatred. We tend to keep attracting and mirroring more and more of exactly what we don’t want into our own lives. To the point where we end up hurting and slowly killing more and more of ourselves. On the other hand every time we find some way to complete an old resentment or hatred. We make it possible to not only completely let go of these old ways of contracting against ourselves. But we actually make it possible to open our hearts again even to those who have the most abusively trespassed against us. In such a way that we begin to allow far greater levels of vital energy to come through us, that we may thus find ourselves back in the winner circle once again.

Your Quantum Computer Within – Our Law of Attraction & the Much Larger Holographic Mirror

Ever wonder why we keep attracting the same old, same old emotional challenges into our life? Has it ever occurred to you, that you tend to become the very scoundrel you so often blame for your challenges, the more you keep on blaming them? For example the more some Muslim tends to blame certain Christian’s or vice versa certain Christian’s tend to blame some Muslims for their fate. The more such blamers tend to become exactly like the people they are resenting and hating. In other words, the more the more we blame the more we tend to become resentful haters our selves. So what is the way of this endless mirror game – bind? The only way out is to begin taking personal responsibility for our own powerful emotions, in such a way that we learn to clear ourselves from our own tendencies to become way too over-reactive compulsively driven by our own emotions. Inasmuch as the more we clear ourselves from attracting what we don’t want in the first place. The more we will start attracting from others, much more of what we do want. Until such time as can finally see, that within the context of the larger hologram, we are each other.

Your Quantum Computer Within – Antidote to Gloom & Doom

An interview with Jim Granger, Yes, we are on the verge of a quantum leap in human consciousness. A leap into that Kingdom of Heaven Within, wherein we experience actual At=One=Ment, or the Unity Consciousness of the truly Biggest of all Pictures Hologram – which we are all a most intimate part of. A holographic chip of the whole block so to speak. Such that the best way for any of us to avoid being caught in any kind of downward spiral into gloom and doom. Is to begin taking precisely those personal response-abilities, which can lead us into functioning in peaceful felt harmony with the larger hologram, which we are each and every single One of us, as we said a most intimate part of. As opposed to remaining in any kind of in separation conflict, with that larger hologram. Which of course, is inevitably going to lead into a much fuller opening of our hearts.

Your Quantum Computer Within – The Quickening

For todays show we are going to ask you to go to the following video site and watch the video on The Quickening. We ask you to view it with an emphasis on the positive, especially as the video presentation moves into the last 12 minutes plus. Then our next session will focus on how we can use the knowledge we gain from this video, with respect to how we can all help each other move forward into a golden age of unity consciousness. Along with how you your self can help prepare yourself to be way more empowered to create the positively great life you most long for. With the least possible chaos and turmoil! Just remember this, we do not have to turn our experience of coming changes into a living hell. Provided we each of us take those response-abilities required to come into at-one-ment consciousness, wherefrom we can actually co-create the coming changes into a veritable heaven on earth. And as long as we do not let ourselves get sucked into the notion of a single savior, who will try and promise to save us from a place that is external to our own state of inner empowerment. Because you see, the coming quickening is all about each of us taking responsibility to elevate our conscious function, into a state of at-one-ment. As total we the people no longer separate from at-one-ment – equal partners within the great truly Big Picture One & Only hologram. Dr. Lynn Sereda, & Dr. James Hardt

Your Quantum Computer Within – In Search of the Miraculous

Interview with Mada, mystic seer / healer extraordinary, author of the above titled book. Some-One gifted with an ability to higher sensitive ‘see’ – totally into those particular areas in our unconscious. Wherein we keep holding the very sort of self sabotaging old trauma patterns, which keep holding us back, bringing us down, making us feel in various ways unwell, even keep compelling us to act harmfully toward our fellow human beings. Such that by way of her ability to help us bring our unconscious patterns into the light of our magical conscious, we automatically help ourselves spontaneously heal. If you go to her web site she describes many cases of such seemingly miraculous, self healing. Don’t miss hearing about this special talent and her particular Dalian method of helping us to heal.

Your Quantum Computer Within – Greate-Ful-Ness coupled with Complete For-Giveness

Far too many of us keep wanting & desiring more, without taking some time to open the whole of our mind/body/spirit beings, into being completely heart open grateful for what we already have, for the many blessings we have already been given. To such a heart opening degree that we may then start wanting & desiring from our very hearts, not just our ‘thinking’ mind heads alone. Beyond this, the most difficult kind of gratefulness, involves a willingness to forgive our trespassers, or perpetrators of the particular unique pain body sufferings, that we each of us have most unfortunately been subjected to. Not because these perpetrators were justified, but simply because the moment we open our hearts to those who themselves have been traumatized. This is the moment we stop holding hatred and resentment inside of us, so that we can get on with the living of our lives, in ever more fulfilling ways. Precisely so that we may by way of such complete heart opening forgiveness, put ourselves in a much better position to law of attraction – attract what we really want. Instead of so much of what we don’t want. Besides, from what we are discovering in the context of modern heart math research, it is the openness of our own hearts. Which puts us most in touch with the most inspirational, true fulfillment enabling, real whole being empowering place – we all have within us. The only way any of can ever evolve ourselves forward.