Mojo Up - Stop Bullying!

Travis Brown

Mojo Up – Stop Bullying! – The Motivation to Win in Life!

If someone told you when you were a kid “Fat Girls Don’t Eat French Fries” how would that have impacted you? Kids every day are being taunted and tormented about every thing from their looks to theirclothes down to their weight. So how do you over come this? How do you rebound from some of these damaging taunts? Robin White, author of Fat Girls Don’t Eat French Fries explains how powerful the words of parents can be and how to suck it up and chose to still be successful in life!

Mojo Up – Stop Bullying! – Mindset of Student Success!

Parents and students are trying to figure out what it takes to make it through high school, college and succeed in the real world. On this show Marti Reedshares here success story and tips on leadership and life from winning a national championship at UCLA, to becoming a great student leader and a successful young professional!

Mojo Up – Stop Bullying! – I Want To Be Made… I forgot that!

Have you ever wanted a do over in life? You know to change some of the mistakes or failures of you life? MTV has a show called “MADE” where they help teenagers reinvent themselves into the successful kids they were meant to be! Last year I had a chance to help Josh Sparks transform his life in less than thirty days. On this show he will answer the question of how he accomplished this, but more importantly how you can do it too!! So do miss this great show that is ready to share with how YOU can beMADE into a newer, brighter and more successful YOU!

Mojo Up – Stop Bullying! – Bullying In the Work Place

When bullies grow up were do they go? The “Work Place”. Although it may not show up in the traditional physical bullying, it happens to millions of workers each day. You may have experienced different bullies who are “Projectors”, “Sneak Attackers”, and even “Manipulators”. Communication specialist Starla West will teach you how to handle them all of the difficult bullying personalities you face in the work environment. Starla will also share the secret to dealing with a bully boss or co-worker with out committing career suicide. So if you have every wondered what you should do, who you should turn to, then your answers are here in this show “Bullying In the Workplace”.

Mojo Up – Stop Bullying! – Bullying In America…

More than160,000 students decide everyday they are not going to school because of the fear of being bullied and your child could be next. Bre Brown, the Director of Counseling at Warren Central High School will join us to share some life saving strategies that schools, parents and students must know. On this show you will also learn key warning signs to catch, questions to ask the school and each important step you can take to bully proof our child.
Mr. Mojo, America’s Anti-Bullying Coach

Mojo Up – Stop Bullying! – What I Wish I Knew…

We all look back in our past and realize there is a list of things we wish we knew way back then. Today as parents we would love to have that same crystal ball to know how to handle every tough situation we face with our kids, and the technology world they live in. On this show we will visit with Jerry Franklin Poe, the author of What I Wish I Knew When I Was in High School & What I Wish I Knew in College and founder of Jerry will help us think forward on how to handle some of the toughest challenges we face as parents. You will discover strategies every parent needs to have in they parenting tool box to help our kids survive the Bullying epidemic and the #1 thing we may be doing to bully our own kids!