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Real Issues: No BS

Real Issues: No BS – What’s in a Name?

Plenty, as you will learn on this week’s episode. Listen to Gary as he explains how naming a business or product works from a marketing perspective. You will learn the three categories of mistakes business people make when naming their businesses, as well as how to name a business or product successfully. You will also hear how you can apply these lessons to your own business as well as some exciting news about this show!

Real Issues: No BS – Is How You Dress Stopping You From Success?

On this week’s episode Gary discusses the importance of how and why our appearances affect our success in the business world. Gary is joined by Wardrobe Consultant Dick Lerner of Wardrobe University. Come listen to Gary and Dick as they discuss how the way you dress is one of the most important aspects to getting a job or getting a customer.=

Real Issues: No BS – What’s Your Symbol?

In this week’s episode Gary discusses the use of symbolism in creating a graphic identity for yourself or your small business. He is joined by his special guest Erin Ferree of BrandStyle Design who discusses how symbols can help or hurt your identity. Listen to Gary and Erin as they talk about such topics as the meaning behind symbols and how to establish a visual and emotional connection with your audience among other topics.

Real Issues: No BS – Are You a Magnetic Leader?

This week Gary is joined by Dianne Durkin, a loyalty specialist and author. Listen to Gary and Dianne as they discuss the eight steps that make a magnetic leader, with specific examples from some of today’s top business leaders. You will learn how you can develop your own leadership even when you’re not the boss and how you can create an even stronger brand identity for yourself in all aspects of your life.

Real Issues: No BS – Agendas and Entertainment

In this week’s episode, Gary discusses how social and political agendas have taken over our entertainment and what this means for us. Listen as he talks about when and why this is good and what it means to us when it’s not done properly. If you wish to press forward your own agenda in the context of entertainment, you need to listen to this week’s show. If you ever get frustrated when your favorite entertainment is hijacked by somebody else’s political agenda, you need to listen to this week’s show.

Real Issues: No BS – Is President Obama’s budget really the same as kitchen table budgeting?

When introducing his new budget, President Obama likened it to the same kitchen table budgeting that the average American family does. Join Gary as he talks with Craig R. Smith, Chairman of SwissAmerica and author of “Crashing the Dollar: How to Survive a Global Currency Collapse.” In this episode Gary and his guest discuss the newly proposed budget, the true extent of our national debt, what it means to us, and why we are susceptible to politicians and others who would like us to turn a blind eye to fuzzy math.

Real Issues: No BS – Physical Health, Mental Health

Have you ever gone to a doctor and left feeling worse than you went in, emotionally? In this week’s episode, Gary talks with Dr. Elyse Lubell, Licensed Psychologist, about the emotional trauma we face when going to the doctor, and how this affects our physical and mental well-being. Whatever happened to customer service from our medical providers? Find out why the medical establishment is what it is today and what you can do to protect your mental health, especially if you are suffering from a physical health crisis.

Real Issues: No BS – Do you trust me?

What do snow-covered parking spaces and the financial collapse of 2008 have in common? They’re both examples of how trust and mistrust play out in our society. Come listen to Gary as he discusses what trust means to our economy and relationships, why we so often don’t trust each other, and how this harms all of us. You will learn how to build trust in yourself in a distrusting world, and what we need to do in order to help all of our relationships, whether with others, businesses, or our government and other institutions.

Real Issues: No BS – The Power of the Negative

What do Groundhog Day and political races have in common? They both take advantage of negative emotions in marketing. Listen to this week’s episode to understand why we are all suckers for negative appeals and how this affects our purchase decisions from taking a cruise in the winter to voting for a political candidate. Learn why this works and how to use the negative/positive cycle used by so many successful copywriters and marketers in your own branding efforts.

Real Issues: No BS – Never Again!

Why did so many “normal” and “intelligent” people help spearhead the Nazi party? Come listen to Gary as he talks with Jonathan Maxwell, author of “Murderous Intellectuals, German Elites and the Nazi SS” about why so many professionals and intellectuals helped spearhead the Holocaust. You’ll be shocked to find that many of these same reasons can be seen in today’s world, even right here at home! Learn how we can protect ourselves from falling prey to those who would have us dehumanize and harm our fellow man.