Win-Win Means You Lose in a Salary Negotiation

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains why you should not negotiate using a win-win philosophy.

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a coach who worked as a recruiter for more than 40 years. His work involves traditional life coaching, as well as executive job search coaching and business life coaching. He is the host of “Job Search Radio,” “No BS Job Search Advice Radio,” and his newest show, “The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast.”

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Thriving Entrepreneur – Discover How You Are Emotionally Tied To People Who Don’t Serve You with Leslie

You are uniquely brilliant created for a purpose! The world NEEDS YOU!

Are you still having some doubts about that? We want to help you break through that old thinking about yourself into the freed, released, empowered, amazing you that you are! Host Steve Kidd is joined on Thriving Entrepreneur by former eWN Radio Host Leslie Green from the show Love, Trust and Pixie Dust.

Together they are going to help you uncover the truth that often the people that are in lives are not helping us get to where we are going. In fact, sometimes the people we have allowed in our lives are keeping us back from our best self.

We find in life that we become most like the five people we spend the most time with. The old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together” is not only true but it affects the direction of your life. What we need to learn is how to identify the negative influences in our life. We need to understand, that emotionally we are tied to (or tied down by) these people.

Once we discover the influence other people in our lives are having on our life, we need the courage to make a bold change that will result in a better life for ourselves and more success in our business. We need to make this change to allow ourselves to make the greatest impact on our world.

The world needs you! Don’t let the others determine the direction of your life. Learn how to empower yourself, learn to release those people in your life who do not serve you. Give yourself permission embrace those who want to help you impact the world and be a Thriving Entrepreneur.

Sex And Happiness- The 15 Self Love Values

Laurie is joined by Lucia Gabriela for this amazing show, really a mini seminar on Self-Love. Lucia gives much information and rituals for learning to love yourself and blossom into a full fledged grown-up. Such a sweet and nourishing show. Don’t miss it.


Architect of Change – Secondary Income Stream Opportunity

Connie’s motivational quote of the day is by, ~ Wayne Dyer

“Successful people make money. It’s not that people who make money become successful, but successful people attract money. They bring success to what they do.”

Does your budget balance every month? Or does it always seem like the money flowing out of your check book is much greater than the flow of money coming in? Is it because we are spending too much or is it really because the cost of living seems to increase more than our salaries do annually?

If you are like most people, the reality is our salaries are not keeping up with inflation. So what do we do? Is there an answer as to how we can not only make ends meet but actually be able to put some extra money away for a rainy day or more importantly for an emergency?

Do you like the sound of having some extra money floating around? Well today you are in store for an amazing story and opportunity for creating a secondary income stream, which may be just what the doctor ordered.

Get ready as your host, Connie Whitman speaks with her guest, Matt Miller. Matt shares his story of how he decided to take the leap of faith, open a vending machine business, with results that go beyond outstanding.

Matt started his career as an Air Force pilot and advertising executive. In 2007 he started his franchise company, School Spirit Vending, which has raised over $4 million for education since inception. SSV provides a proven and profitable business system for professionals looking to develop secondary income streams.

Matt is also the author of his free giveaway eBook called: “Live Your Dreams: The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Own A Vending Business.”

Free eBook – www.ssvbusiness.com/aofc

website: www.ssvbusiness.com

Happily Ever After is Just the Beginning – Is There an Adult in Your Marriage?

Think back to when you were a kid. Were you in a hurry to grow up? To be able to make all those decisions your parents made that you thought were so unfair? Were you chomping at the bit to be in charge of your own life? How’s it going? If you could do it over would you choose the life you have now? Would you choose your spouse? Yes, as an adult you make decisions every day that determine the course of your life. Every minute, actually. But are you making them consciously? To have the great life and relationships that you want, you need to know how to do this. Hal Runkel, Marriage and Family Therapist and author of the new book, Choose Your Own Adulthood: A Small Book about the Small Choices that Make the Biggest Difference, imparts his wisdom on how it’s never too late to late to grow up and have the life you truly want.

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A New Spin on Autism Answers – When You Look Within the Autism You Find A Person, A Beautiful, Amazing, Courageous Person.

Shelley Pack is a comedic actress, writer and producer. One of her life passions is working with children who have a diagnosis of autism as well as other special needs. She uses her talents to bring attention to the possibilities and beauty of difference. Her short movie about Dash Chandler came to Lynette’s attention and impressed her with its simplicity and message. Together Shelley and Lynette discuss the joy of helping and producing film in an effort to share the beauty and possibility of the child within, any diagnosis.

Shelley and Lynette discuss at length the importance of improvisation and the attitude of ‘yes and’. This is a fundamental belief of theater groups using improvisation. Yes and means “accept the reality and add to it”. For example if the child says the blocks need to line up you can say “Yes and the chairs like it too.” Then follow that statement with the action of lining up chairs. Of course the next step is to create varied patterns and fun together but step on is always ‘yes and.’ And when the child adds a new thought like “No chairs are better in a circle.” You restate a new ‘Yes and shoes are best in a square.’ Etcetera.

THE GREAT GUEST GIVEAWAY guest is Ange Anderson with her new book Seren’s Christmas Encounter With Autism. As an author she uses the pseudonym Angela Morgan. The book is the third one in a series and perfect for families who want other’s to understand what family life is like when a member has autism.

Today’s question “Why show people autism?”

Today’s answer: “If you don’t show they don’t know.”

In Stories From The Road Lynette shares a story of the gift given through peer interaction, when a young girl, by virtue of her envy over a friend with autism, signals her own emotional challenges.

Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – BB Cream, CC Cream & DD Cream: What Are They & What Do They Do? Dr Lycka & Dr Papantoniou

BB cream has actually been around since 1967, and has been followed with CC Cream and now, DD Cream. Help! What are they, what do they do and should you be using them? To save you wondering any more, and to stop you wasting money on the wrong creams for you, we have a great expert on these creams to share some practical information with you, this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today. Your show host Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka talks with Board Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Kally Papantoniou, from her practice in New York City. Dr Papantoniou starts by giving the full names for these creams: Beauty Balm cream, or sometimes Blemish Balm cream, Colour Correcting cream, and “Dynamic Do-All” cream. She explains what each cream is, and what it is used for. The two doctors discuss the ‘ingredients’ that go in each one and the benefits that patients can expect from regular use of these types of creams.

Download the Show Notes here for the detailed content of this interview in PDF format.

Avant Gardener – 123013


Avant Gardener – 122313

Since hosts Derek and Carolyn are still in the deep freeze from heavy snowfalls at their Pennylvania property, they look ahead 6 weeks and discuss flowers that will bloom in the snow, starting with witch hazels that will bloom at the first sign of a warming trend, followed by hellebores that are hardy perennials with evergreen leaves. At their home, Cedaridge Farm the Fells have partnered witch hazels with Hellebores so the two can bloom together. Next to bloom are the yellow aconites and white snowdrops that also bloom together as good companions. The Fells also recommend yellow Tete a Tete daffodils for winter bloom, along with blue snow irises and early flowering botanical tulips such as the greigii, fosteriana and greigi species. Their expert interview this session is with Winn Soldani who is a professional grower in Florida of the tender tropical hibiscus. Tropical hibiscus come in a wider range of colors than the hardy kind, but of course the tropicals can be grown in containers and moved into the house before frost to provide continuous color. In the email segment Derek tells a listener what is ailing her peach trees that are seeping a gummy substance, and responds to a gentleman who wants a good recipe for mint sauce. Also, a lady in Virginia wonders how to make her zucchini plants more productive. The Fells also remind listeners to visit avantgardener.info for details of their full color on-line newslleter, the Avant Gardener.

Avant Gardener – 121613

Hosts Derek and Carolyn report six inches of snow at Cedaridge Farm and comment on what a beautiful scene surrounds their home, having landscaped their property to look distinctive in snow. Not only can they see clouds of winterberry shrubs coated with snow, but they have been able to bring in armloads of berried branches to decorate the house for the holiday season, along with branches of holly and the hardy southern magnolia, Edith Hough with waxy evergreen leaves. They marvel at the ability of their ornamental grasses to look good in the winter landscape and how their favorite landscape tree, the ‘Heritage’ variety of river birch has beautiful honey-colored flaking bark that stands out in the landscape. Structures also enhance a snowy landscape, including strategically placed arbors, a Victorian style gazebo, fences and benches. Their expert this session is Gretchen Zwetzig, owner of Fleming’s Flower Fields, a 65-year company that specializes in breeding hardy perennials. Started by three brothers, the late Jim, Bob and Dave Fleming, Derek remembers meeting that at a convention and enjoying a conversation about their perennial breeding. Gretchen describes their pioneer work on the famous Fleming strain of hardy hibiscus with a color range that includes white, red, pink, purple, pale yellow and white, all with a contrasting red eye. The individual flowers can measure up to 12 inches across on plants that remain less than 4 ft. high. Hardy from zones 4 to 10, these hibiscus are ideal for locations with moist soil, such as beside a stream or pond. Gretchen also describes the work on the Filli series of dwarf hardy crepe myrtles and how good they can look in containers. In the email segment Derek provides an evaluation of dessert quality apple varieties, the growing of a rare bulb known as the blue amaryllis, an evaluation of heirloom tomatoes and advice to a listener who is planning a trip to Scotland to visit Scottish gardens. Derek reminds listeners that a sample issue of their on-line newsletter, the Avant Gardener can be viewed at avantgardener.info.