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Whether you’re a pro or amateur, high school athlete or youth league player, a coach or a parent, this is the show you’ve been looking for. Sports psychology can play a determining role in making our minds work for – instead of against – us. In The Mental Game in Sports, you’ll learn how to achieve significant and lasting improvement in your mental – and real performance. Tune in to start getting your thinking into shape – and keep it in shape!

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Championship Thinking in Sport – Brian O’Connor-Head Baseball Coach, U. of Virginia on Championship Leadership

How do championships happen? This is the first in a series on how championships happen with guests that are proven winners. The core theme is that a head coach must have strong leadership skills in addition to game know-how and technical skills/X’s & O’s player development. Championships do not occur randomly. They happen because the head coach has and uses … Read more about this episode...

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Championship Thinking in Sports with Jim Meier

Jim Meier, sports psychology coach and sports hypnotist, has 34 years of professional experience in the development of organizations, teams and individuals in both sports and business. He also has an extensive background in 21st century skills-progressive leadership, creativity and innovation, change mastery and cross-generational and cross-cultural communication. These interrelated areas are critical additions to what he calls his “mental muscle tool kit”.

Jim has used this method successfully to help players and coaches in professional, college, and High School youth sports win championships at the national, state and regional levels. Today, he travels globally to deliver workshops, clinics, keynote presentations and one-on-one services on numerous aspects of Championship Thinking: Building Mental Muscles.


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