Friday, April 25, 2014
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    Host: John Henigin2

    There is nothing more delightful than a tomato still warm from the sun, or a strawberry so perfectly ripe it stains your fingers. The healthiest and most delicious food comes from farms and vineyards just down the road.

    Wine serves as an extension of the recipes. Wine experts explain how it starts with the soil then follow the entire process of growing grapes and turning them into wine.

    You will hear wine reviews and information on specific releases, but there is no “wine speak”.

    The best wine and food come from the best ingredients. Learn how to recognize what they are and where to find them.

    Restaurateurs explain locating, choosing and of course preparing the right ingredients to produce remarkable dishes.

    Farmers, fish markets, butchers, cheese experts, brew masters and other experts occasionally give helpful advice.

    Six local guests join the party each Sunday morning on KTMS AM 990 from ten to eleven am. Gift certificates are awarded to listeners.

    A novice can follow without intimidation. Any expert always has more to learn.


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    Cork and Fork Radio with John Henigin

    John lives in Santa Barbara, California in the heart of one of the most acclaimed wines areas in the US. He is a former wine distributor, has worked in the restaurant and catering business and has also owned his own restaurant.

    He enjoys fine food and wine and learns more about it with each show. If food and wine is an interest, a passion, or your business, you will learn something new every in show. Tune into Cork and Fork Radio!



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