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It’s been said life as a small business owner or entrepreneur is the biggest personal growth journey anyone can take. The number of small business owners is growing at a rapid rate across the globe and as a business owner you may find yourself facing a whole lot of challenges that you never expected.

Give yourself a competitive edge as you join host Shannon Bush each week. Hear first hand from the newest global voice for women in small business. You’ll learn how to boost your confidence, harness your core strengths, unlock hidden opportunities, maximise your personal effectiveness, create more effortless success and make a bigger and lasting impact with your business while discovering what it means to be the leader in your business and life; your limitless life.

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Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life – How To Bounce Back From Any Failure

How many times have you been knocked down in life? How many times have you been knocked down in the workplace or in your business? Do you let yourself stay knocked down or do you do whatever it takes to bounce back again, stronger, more resilient and more determined to succeed? Today host Shannon Bush […]

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Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life with Shannon Bush

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” Anais Nin

Inspired by a compulsive determination to make a difference in her world Shannon Bush, the Creative Possibility Coach, has spent her lifetime exploring, creating and believing in the innate potential that exists in us all. From a young age Shannon embraced curiosity, venturing into the world on a quest for greater understanding of herself and others. Her journey led to the discovery of a unique ability to see the multitude of color that exists effortlessly in the world when you look beyond what you see.

A coach, trainer, speaker, business-woman, consultant, best selling author, artist, creator, therapist, writer, leader, visionary, liberator, believer, explorer and pioneer, Shannon is valued for her unique, creative and empowering approach to life. Based in Perth, Western Australia, she is founder and Director of Creative Possibility. As its principal coach she works with clients from around the world guiding those who want significantly more out of life on a journey of personal leadership leading to liberation and transformation. Her clients are as diverse as Shannon and include individuals, entrepreneurs, SME’s and big business. In 2011 Shannon created the Innate Potential Model, the core of which lie 8 key personal leadership principles and 12 archetypal personal leadership styles offering others an empowering opportunity for self-discovery.

In June 2013 Shannon published her first book, Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose which became an Amazon bestselling e-book within 4 days of release. The book captures detailed descriptions of the 12 unique personal leadership archetypes that form the foundation of her Innate Potential Model, as well as inspiring and motivational insights into the meaning of personal leadership and how it can change your life for the better. Together they form a transformational framework for any woman who wants to know herself, understand her core strengths and how to use them to accelerate her success in every area of her life.

Shannon has more than 15 years experience in the personal and professional development and her unique combination of credentials include NLP Practitioner, Transpersonal Art Therapist, Money Breakthrough Method™ Coach, Click! Colours Facilitator, Bachelor of Nursing and a Graduate Degree in Business specializing in small business management offers an empowering, creative, diverse, results oriented experience. Work with Shannon and you’ll quickly discover that blossoming is truly limitless.


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