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World change is not coming – it’s already here. Revolutionary ideas and initiatives are bringing the true reality of green to the fore. Our emerging sustainable human culture combines refined global systems with a profound empowerment of local communities and indigenous peoples. Host Michael Gosney guides us on this exciting journey of discovery and transformation through dialogue with leaders on the Eco Evolutionary vanguard. Join us each week for your touchstone to a new world.

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Eco Evolution – The Placemaking Movement: Evolving Society One Neighborhood at a Time

With Mark Lakeman, founder of City Repair Placemaking is a growing movement across the U.S. and around the world whereby communities, neighborhood by neighborhood, are collaborating in the “creative reclamation of public space.” Mark Lakeman is the founder of the movement, whose City Repair in Portland has developed a number of model projects that have […]

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Eco Evolution with Michael Gosney

A writer, publisher, digital media entrepreneur, event producer and eco-visionary, Michael Gosney has been a thought leader and catalyst for evolutionary initiatives since the 1970s. From publishing key books in the environmental space (The Life and Adventures of John Muir, Deep Ecology, Arcosanti), to producing small and large events on the leading edge of the digital and green revolutions, to proposing model eco-city projects, to facilitating advanced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) applications for the sustainability movement, Gosney has a long history of fostering both visionary ideas and visceral projects that contribute to our new evolution.

Gosney is the co-founder of the Green Century Institute ( on sustainable communities, and Managing Director of the Techné Verde ICT research project with the Buckminster Fuller Institute (www.techné


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