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Family Connections

Susan Kane-Ronning

Show Details HostFamily connections… mother-daughter, husband-wife, and sibling-to sibling…all work together to shape who we are. Our interactions with others shape our world and lay a rich foundation for health and wellness. Now, more than ever, sharing time unplugged and connected is essential to forging and galvanizing family relationships. More is known about how we learn and process emotions than ever before, giving us an opportunity to move beyond old wounds and hurts that prevent us from moving forward and feeling fulfilled. Join Dr. Susan Kane-Ronning in an explorative journey with experts and guests to uncover the missing pieces and offer solutions to complete your family”s picture of mental health and happiness. Learn about cutting edge educational practices and how to support and advocate for your child”s learning and emotional growth, at school, and at home.

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Family Connections – “I Hate Brocolli!” Getting Kids to Eat Healthy Food

Trying to get kids to eat colorful and nutritious food is easy, with Karen Leonetti’s help. The author of The Yummy Tummy Rainbow Garden, Karen has clever ways to engage kids with growing fruits and vegetables, and even solicit their help with food and snack preparation! Karen’s book contains recipes and colorful pictures, perfect for […]

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Family Connections with Dr. Susan Kane-Ronning

Susan Kane-Ronning is a licensed psychologist in private practice in western Washington. She originally graduated from college with a degree in special education, and taught street kids and dropouts, students with hearing impairment and learning disabilities. Dr. Kane-Ronning obtained her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Oregon, specializing in children and families. She specializes in family therapy and child behavior disorders, and serves as a consultant to school districts and agencies. Dr. Kane-Ronning is the founder and director of, an online continuing education program that provides professional development to educators around the world. She is the author of Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: I Am My Mother After All (2011), a memoir focusing on the universality of life, death, family and relationships. Dr. Kane-Ronning lives and works in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, two sons, dog and two cats.


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