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If you are gay or bisexual, how do you manage the ins and outs of coming out? How do you navigate the world of online dating? Where do you go to find the kind of relationships you want, regardless of your age? How do you navigate through the transitions of social acceptance in a rapidly changing society? Whether it’s for you, a friend or a family member, being gay is about finding resources, information and support. With insight, maturity, great guests and a healthy dose of humor, let Jim Duke be your guide through today’s gay world.

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Guide for Gay Living – Going on Hiatus

After a lot of careful thought and consideration, Guide For Gay Living is going on hiatus. The process of making that decision and what went into it, why now is the time to do it and what might happen next draw parallels between many of the issues that face the LGBT community. Where do you […]

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Guide for Gay Living with Jim Duke

Jim Duke is the founder and President of Guide For Gay Men® LLC, which provides professional coaching and consultation services on issues of coming out, relationships, love, sex, aging and the many transitions of gay life. As a consultant and speaker, Jim works with individuals, groups and businesses involved with issues related to the LGBT community. Jim is currently working on a three-part series of “guides” on the subject of dating and relationship issues for gay men.

Professional Background:
Jim holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work and was a therapist for several years before migrating to corporate education and training. He worked for Fortune 500 companies in the areas of supervisory and leadership development, quality improvement, coaching, individual performance achievement and diversity issues. Fulfilling a personal goal with his then partner, he left Corporate America to own and operate one of the top ranked gay hotels in Palm Springs, CA for almost 14 years.
Jim has been out and open for most of his adult life, and has dealt with the discrimination and difficulties, challenges and joys of being a gay man in society. He’s been in a successful long term relationship, knows what it like to terminate one and how to cope with the sometimes amusing and occasionally painful experience of being in the dating scene. He is also the gay son who takes on the role of caregiver to an aging parent — a challenging role that is not uncommon for gay men. Using his past professional and personal experience, Jim created Guide For Gay Men® as a way to help other’s live open, accepting and authentic lives. He has completed an extensive program for Certified Professional Coaches (CPC) with the International Coaching Academy (ICA), a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Personal Philosophy:
Jim finds the kernel of humor in most situations and has a natural curiosity about people — how we think, the choices we make, and how we get through each day. Rather than judging others, he relies on his strength to look at an issue from a variety of different perspectives. Jim believes that everything in life is about choices, and that every choice we make has both gains and costs. Every day we have the opportunity to make different decisions and take different actions that support our authentic selves. Living our lives counter to who we really are is like trying to swim against the tide.


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