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Join Tami Urbanek, medium and clairvoyant, as she takes us on a journey to find truth. What is truth? We often walk through the days not paying attention, unaware, unconcerned while events, trend, problems of major import need discussion, examination and sometimes action. Our polluted government, polluted air and food supply, polluted planet, modern-day slavery, hatred of those not like us ignorance of things that can hurt us and those we love are but a few examples. Yet when we choose to talk about these things, about what is true, we can then make empowered choices leading us to a state of balance. Join Tami on this Journey for Truth.

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Journey for Truth with Tami Urbanek

Communicating with the people in the nonphysical (spirit guides and deceased people) is an ability I have had since I was a child. I grew up with a father who is a medium as well. It has just been the last few years that I have opened myself up to working with others in communicating with those who have passed away and a person’s spirit guides.

As a medium, I have learned that some spirits cross over and some stay behind for various reasons and I have spoken to both those who have crossed over and to those who have stayed behind. Some spirits carry with them the same beliefs, anger, and disease that they carried in physical life. Some spirits heal their beliefs, anger, and disease (if they carried one) as they pass away or right after they pass away. Every spirit I have spoken with is just as different as physical people are different.

Spirit guides are with us all the time. They offer assistance when asked, however, the assistance is not always received by the person. Sometimes that assistance is not recognized because it does not fit within the package we want it to. Many times the assistance won’t necessarily fit within an expectation. Guides have information to pass on to you, about you, and for you. Listen.

My husband, Robert, my daughter, Bethany, and my grandson and I have lived in Colorado for many years. We enjoy traveling, skiing, and simple trips into the mountains.

I have spent over 12 years working in public and private education. I earned three college degrees from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with a BA in Psychology, MA in Special Education, and MA in Public Administration.

I also serve as a board member for the Universal Education Foundation and run workshops for women and adolescent girls in finding personal and female empowerment. Empowerment is about throwing away non-serving beliefs, guilt, anger, depression, and embracing joy, laughter, passion, and excitement for life.


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Healing With Intention, a Life Energy Flow Tai Yi practice, is located in Kailua Kona on the Island of Hawaii. Wayne Holum has been a certified Life Energy Flow Tai Yi practitioner since June 2010. Life Energy Flow Tai Yi is an ancient hands on healing modality that predates Acupuncture in ancient China. Tai Yi uses physical touch to set the grid. Wayne has been trained and tested on sending only “pure” Universal energy through the grid points on the physical body. The Universal energy then flows from the grid points through meridians and gates of all the bodies, depending on which treatment is performed and what the client intends to heal. Wayne is passionately committed to assisting others through his practice of Life Energy Flow Tai Yi. His intention is to assist others so they may experience the joy and peace he has now created.”


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