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Intelligent interviews with business authors, experts, savants, and gurus. Recommended For All Who Work. Listen-In to sound advice, not sound bites. Paul McLoughlin, aka “The Work Wonk”, talks management, leadership and employment with thought leaders, trust agents, doers and thinkers. Factual, informative, and entertaining discourse on the business issues of the day to help you with your work life.

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McLoughlin At Work – “World 3.0″ with Pankaj Ghemawat

World 3.0 – Global Prosperity and How to Achieve It. Pankaj Ghemawat offers a completely new way of looking at globalization with emphasis on data-driven facts and focus on geographic proximity. It is too simple to say the world is flat or that protectionism should dictate national priorities. World 3.0 offers compelling evidence that we […]

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McLoughlin At Work with Paul McLoughlin

Yangbo Du, 20-something, is a social media entrepreneur and social business architect, connecting people to empower and impel for positive impact. As a StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow, he is a de facto curator of content on social innovation, global economic development and environmental sustainability. Yangbo conducted research in energy and the environment over a six-year period at University of Illinois-Chicago, University of Chicago and MIT, from which he recently graduated. Among other initiatives, Yangbo is a co-founder of Mediawire, a SaaS platform for content creation, curation, discovery and marketing. He gets it.

Ed Lehner, Ph.D., 40-something, is an educator by training and disposition. His academic interests at NYU, Columbia, and CUNY centered on how technology can empower people and change their lives. Ed has redirected that pedagogy to the online business community, using social media in business to direct technology-assisted learning and market execution. Lehner has replaced traditional forms of business communication with powerful online tools and a social media vernacular to reach, communicate, and sell. In Mediawire, Ed continues research on how business can deploy social media to change the trajectory and velocity of an enterprise’s growth. He’s got it.

Bob Burke, 50-something, is a videographer with an academic background in Fine Arts and Music Composition (Fordham University, Queens College) and a keen interest in sports. For years he was a music composer/producer for a commercial music production company based in New York and later an independent music composer and producer for network and syndicated sports and entertainment television and radio. He developed an expertise in capturing young athletes and theater artists on film to augment college scholarship applications. Bob is co-head of Blind Dog Video, a video production company that scripts, directs, edits and produces video for online content marketing. Sees it.

Paul McLoughlin, 60-something, is a serial re-inventor…of himself. As co-head of Blind Dog Video, Paul brings over 40 years of academic pedigree (Georgetown-English, Columbia-Business), world experience (global sailor, Army Engineer), senior manager in health care and financial services (Columbia, Cornell, Salomon Brothers), executive coach, management consultant, Internet Radio Host…to the successful integration of video into social media for business. Blind Dog Video provides the visual medium for enhanced content marketing, intelligently rendered for SEO. In the broader context of Mediawire as an online educational platform, video is the kinetic teaching tool used to engage, entertain, and inform. Getting it.


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