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Welcome to NewsGram! Exhausted by political vitriol? Ready to hear what’s new and trending? NewsGram covers products and trends to share with your friends online and IRL. You’ll be on top of tech, versed on pets, entertaining, parenting and even some business news tidbits with your NewsGram. It’s quick, fun and might just give you a tip or two to make life a little easier. Click on subscribe and the news you actually want will be served right to your podcast queue!

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NewsGram – Pet Obesity, Utility Bills and Jurassic Park

Title: Pet Obesity, Utility Bills and Jurassic Park Story 1: Pet Obesity Link to story : Most Common Dog Obesity-Related Conditions Most Common Cat Obesity-Related Conditions Arthritis Bladder/Urinary Tract Disease Bladder/Urinary Tract Disease Chronic Kidney Disease Liver Disease Diabetes Low Thyroid Hormone Asthma Torn Knee Ligaments Liver Disease Diabetes Arthritis Diseased Disc in the Spine […]

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NewsGram with Sam Youmans

Sam’s been in and around newsrooms for more than just a little bit. He’s taking a close look at what’s new in tech, fitness, trending in entertainment and lifestyle and serving up what’s “just-right” for this daily nugget of news.  Have something to share with NewsGram – send us a note to Sam at