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Meryl Neiman

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A baby who won’t sleep, an 8-year-old who only eats chicken nuggets, or a teenager hell bent on doing everything her way. What do these three children have in common? A frustrated parent wondering how to resolve the problem. Parenting with Playdate Planet offers a gathering place for moms and dads looking for a little sanity, some words for the wise, or just a fascinating conversation. Put your feet up and join us each week for some down-to-earth advice and encouragement from experts.

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Parenting With Playdate Planet – The Funny Truth About Parenting

On this week’s show, two very funny moms and I take a look at parenting behind the scenes: what most of us are really thinking and feeling as we spend our days wiping noses and checking for ear wax. Karen Bergreen is a stand-up comic who you may have seen on Comedy Central or at […]

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Parenting With Playdate Planet with Meryl Neiman

Meryl Neiman graduated from Brown University and Duke University School of Law. After almost a decade working as a litigator for a large law firm, she leaped off the corporate ladder to devote more time to raising her kids and writing. She added entrepreneur to her resume when she co-founded, a free playdate scheduling site. Meryl writes regularly for and and she is working on a book about the importance of unstructured play for kids. She hopes you’ll join her on her latest venture as she searches for answers to parenting’s most difficult questions.


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