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Queer relationships come in all shapes, sizes, frequencies and types. While our couplings are creative, our relationship struggles are not. We all struggle with the complexities of dating, yearn for the feeling of being loved and suffer when our hearts break.
Join Dr. Frankie Bashan, licensed psychologist as she gets to the heart of your relationship issues, whether they relate to sexuality, intimacy or dating. Using her 10+ years as a matchmaker, therapist and dating coach, Dr. Frankie will give you practical, meaty advice to your relationship questions. The show will feature a variety of experts on love, dating and relationships as well as an audience question/answer section.

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Queer And Dear – When You Don’t Look Gay: Femme Lesbian Invisibility

Dr. Frankie and Rachel Gill reflect on the frustration of not being seen or welcomed into the lesbian community because of their feminine appearance. Often excluded because of their look, Frankie and Rachel were advised they “should look more gay,” if they wanted to attract dates. Listen as Frankie and Rachel share their struggle with […]

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Queer & Dear with Dr. Frankie Bashan

Dr. Frankie is recognized by Curve Magazine, NPR, Match.com, About.com, This Show Is So Gay and the Paul and Matty Show, as a premiere lesbian relationship coach. She also has extensive experience in the LGBTQQ community and is recognized in the community as a trusted bisexual dating coach.
Dr. Frankie understands the obstacles that and stressors that can arise with singles on the dating scene or even with women in established relationships. She recommends relationship coaching for women who find themselves “stuck” in a difficult or seemingly hopeless situation. Dr. Frankie has the training and experience to help women in the most challenging situations. She is a renowned lesbian dating coach and lesbian relationship coach who has been featured on NPR, Curve Magazine, Lady Gent Code Magazine and About.com.

There are many reasons that people seek relationship coaching. Maybe you haven’t dated for a while, or even years? Maybe you have been so consumed establishing yourself professionally that you neglected to care for your emotional needs. Maybe you are unaware that your past is affecting your current ability to date. Perhaps you have body image issues, low self esteem, social anxiety or have never known what a happy and intimate relationship feels like?
Dr. Frankie will help shift your thinking patterns that may have been getting in the way of being successful in your search for a partner or happiness in your current relationship. If necessary she will suggest that you alter specific behaviors to reflect more of what you want in your life. Together we will be able to make significant changes that will lead you to a successful loving relationship.

Dr. Frankie’s coaching fee is $150 per 50-minute session. Dr. Frankie generally conducts her coaching sessions at her Berkeley office but also offers telephone or Skype sessions for clients who live outside of the Bay Area or for whom it is more convenient. Because profound change and improvement in one’s quality of life does not happen overnight, Dr. Frankie offers new coaching clients a three-month contract. This contract includes six 50 minute sessions that are generally scheduled weekly or bi-weekly (unless other arrangements have been made).

Research supports, and Dr. Frankie believes that in order for coaching to be effective, there must be a good “fit” between the coach and client. That’s why Dr. Frankie allows new clients to sign up for one pre-paid introductory session. If after the first pre-paid session Dr. Frankie and the new client mutually agree there is a good fit, the client will sign the coaching contract for the remaining five sessions.

Once this initial six-session contract has been fulfilled Dr. Frankie and the client may discuss if individual coaching sessions will be helpful to the client. Please contact Dr. Frankie to schedule an appointment.


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