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Seeking Serenity

Dr. Margery Runyan

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Host: Dr. Margery Runyan

Dr. Mercy helps you transcend emotional suffering to attain serenity and inner peace. She is a licensed psychotherapist who believes in revealing the unconscious and promoting spiritual growth. Meditation, dream interpretation, and hypnosis are paths that she explores on the psychic journey.

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Seeking Serenity – Song of the Heart

Dr. Mercy is interviewing Francine Vale, visionary and author of Song of the Heart: Walking the Path of Light, an autobiographical account of her life followed by an exploration into “All That Is.”  Francine discusses her experiences with her spirit guardian Starlight, her belief in the significance of past lives, and the power of love here on earth.  Her past … Read more about this episode...

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Seeking Serenity with Dr. Mercy

Born an identical twin in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1948, Dr. Mercy has survived the high school years with flips and prom nights of the 50s and 60s, the anti-war marches of the late 60s, the ghettos of the 70s, the husbands of the 80s, the NYC cultural scenes of the 90s, and the addictions of the 2000s. She has negotiated all this change with courage and good will. A social worker for 35 years, she has practiced in every setting using every method and now has a tool box full of clinical skills. Licensed in Florida, Colorado, and New Mexico to practice clinical psychotherapy, she also specializes in dream interpretation, hypnosis, Buddhist meditations, and addiction treatment. She has ‘been there and done that.’ A baby boomer and life long learner, Dr. Mercy can reveal the secrets of the unconscious and help you find joy.


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