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All women want to be sexy… from the cover girl, to the bride to the mom going out to run errands. But at what cost? Petrochemicals before breakfast? No thanks! I want pretty, not poison. On Sexy and Civilized, I hope to inspire you to reduce your Cosmetic Carbon Footprint (CCF) without sacrificing an ounce of glamour or taste. Join me and my guests weekly for discussions on everything from why your beauty routine should be a “diet,” to which cosmetics your daughter should (and should not) be using to getting runway beauty trends and red carpet ready. Join us for pro tips, tricks of the trade and insight into being the most beautiful, sexy and healthy “you” you can be!

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Sexy and Civilized with Paige Padgett

Paige Padgett, a leading authority on green beauty, has never been afraid to go against the grain. It was no surprise, then, that when beauty experts said she couldn’t provide safe and eco-friendly makeup artistry and still create beautiful faces, she set out to prove them wrong — and did.

After studying the “green scene” of cosmetics for years, investigating ingredients, packaging and chemicals to help reduce our “CCF,” cosmetic carbon footprint. In 2006, Paige expanded her business to further promote environmental consciousness in women’s daily lives by launching a professional green kit—unheard of in her industry at the time. Her in-depth knowledge of the cosmetics industry combined with her intense passion for eco-friendly living compelled her to create a lifestyle brand that instructs women to live green without relinquishing glamour. “I believe every woman is a natural beauty,” Padgett says. “I believe in pretty, not parabens. I believe in olive oil, not mineral oil. I believe in high performance without the high price.”

As if her makeup artistry and commitment to eco-friendly products weren’t enough to keep her busy, Paige has been sought after as the expert on green beauty by the press and has been featured in Shape, Elle, GenLux,,, The Los Angeles Times, Vegetarian Times, Natural Health and Whole Life Times Magazine. Her television, radio, podcasts and live appearances include “Martha Stewart Radio,” “San Diego Live,” “The Jillian Michaels Radio Show,” “Green Is Good,” “The Healthy Voyager” and “The Jillian Michaels Wellness Cruise.” Paige is the Green Beauty Expert for and and founded, a green beauty website.

Paige’s mission is to inspire women to be sexy and civilized by reducing their Cosmetic Carbon Footprint (CCF) without sacrificing an ounce of glamour or taste.