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How is your business performing? If your answer is anything short of Fabulous! then you need Solutions in Plain Sight. When you are entrenched in the day-to-days of running the business, it is sometimes hard to steer the ship. Each week you’ll hear actionable and relatable inspirations – learned the hard way – that made the difference for high-achievers, and that will help shortcut your path to success. Moving the needle from mediocre to magnificent is a matter of shifting your perspective and really seeing new opportunities. Your Aha! moment is now – tune in for the ideas to energize all aspects of your business and make the jump to prosperity.

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Solutions in Plain Sight – [FREE Download] Are Gen X, Gen Y, Millenials (or even Boomers) more trouble than they’re worth??

Are you a baby boomer who struggles to figure out how to lead the next generation or wonders why they don’t seem to have the same work ethic as you? Are you a Gen X or Gen Y, who’s struggling to figure how to work within an established system? There are a lot of myths […]

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Solutions in Plain Sight with Anne C. Graham

As an expert in profit and growth, Anne C. Graham believes that only customers create cash flow and only the ideas, talent, and commitment of motivated employees can create valuable solutions that customers want to buy. Enthusing customers and infusing employees holds the key to building the legendary companies we all admire.

Although the early days of Anne’s career began with two Fortune 500 companies, she quickly realized that she prefers to work with smaller organizations where things actually get done! As an experienced business leader, successful consultant, sought-after speaker, prolific author, and syndicated radio talk-show host, Anne’s transformational business approach was developed over twenty-five years of success. She created business growth strategies, built high value organizations, and achieved rapid turnarounds in industries as diverse as high-tech, pharmaceuticals, financial services, professional services, wireless telecommunications, academia, non-profit, and membership-based organizations.

Creating a great organization is simple, but it’s not easy – especially when leaders don’t understand that they have to create value before they can earn profit with integrity. As an executive, Anne found herself frustrated with conventional leadership thinking and conventional management development programs – often finding herself marching to the beat of a different drummer to create success. So she distilled her school-of-hard-knocks experience into simple solutions in plain sight to help motivated business leaders earn the profit they need to fund the growth they want. As a former workaholic herself, she’s made sure that they can be implemented in less time than most business people are spending on email!

Anne thrives on sharing ideas with impact with motivated business leaders at all levels of the organization eager to rediscover their passion for their business. Anne is truly passionate about working on a personal basis with the 1% of leaders who get past good intentions and commit to build legendary companies that thrive with integrity even in turbulent economic times.

As an Executive in Residence at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, she served as Assistant Dean and now lectures as a guest regularly in the award-winning MBA program. She’s a Trusted Advisor for TEC/Vistage, has been published in leading business magazines including Profit and Bloomberg and named to the list of Canada’s Most Influential Business People.

When not pursuing the fascinating art-and-science of building great businesses, she’s found on Whistler’s ski hills in the winter, exploring the beautiful coast of BC in her 36’ Trojan sportfish in the summer. Although friends laughed, knowing that she doesn’t hike, doesn’t camp, “doesn’t do hills”, and doesn’t like roughing it, Anne successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro as a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s.


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