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Whether your child is 2 years old or 32 years old they are still your
babies. That is a long time to be a parent! You don’t have to weather the storm on your own, The Book of Dad is an upbeat weekly review of personal anecdotes, helpful tips and communal chat about the ups and downs of parenting and specifically being a Dad that will cheer you on and give you a boost to keep on keeping on!

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The Book of Dad – Conservative Dilemma

As the next general election hour glass starts to shift, Americans ponder to make their stance on being conservative or liberal.  These terms are normally  associated with citizens falling on either side of dichotomies associated with race, political affiliation, age and other ways people tend to segregate and associate with each-other.  Conservatism is normally associated […]

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The Book of Dad with Dr. Robert Benson

Born and raised in Northeastern USA, Dr. Robert A. Benson a graduate from the “School of Hard Knocks” served his country fatefully as a member of the United States Air Force for more than 20 years, where he traveled the world, acquired education and gained life experiences enabling him to share to the musings and insights within. He is most prized assets are his children; he is committed to their continued development and success.

With extensive and diverse academia experience, Robert is highly motivated and competent in assisting adult as well as young students in acquiring education. Robert has over 10 years instructor experience which includes distance learning/on line teaching business and management, public administration and aviation management courses. Educational portal system knowledge includes: ANGEL Learning, Blackboard, E-College, Prometheus and E-Educator. He is also currently an active professional in the aviation industry as a director of one of the busiest general aviation facilities in the state of North Carolina, Dare County Regional Airport. He recently completed research and educational requirements for Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Policy and Administration (PPPA) with Walden, University.


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