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Annabel Ascher

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Host: Annabel Ascher

The Frugal Goddess! Your weekly serving of how to live beautifully while conserving time, space and energy. Join us for expert advice on how to be fully frugal in the kitchen, on the road, with the family, in your love life and at the party. You’ll hear tips that combine serendipity with a DIY mentality to live in harmony not only with the planet, but within your budget and up to the standard of your unique, personal style.

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The Frugal Goddess with Annabel Ascher

Annabel Ascher is known as the Frugal Goddess. She is an expert in home economics for the 21st century. The mission of the Frugal Goddess is to assist with the understanding and prudent use of your available resources in service to your values.

She is the author of “Whole Food at Half Price—30 Days to Healthy Eating Without Breaking the Bank” available on The book was released on November 24, 2014.