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It’s not that confusing. Our politicians can’t balance their own checkbook and now they want to fix our banking system. Politicians are the problem not the answer. Want simple straightforward answers and explanations, and most importantly straight talk? Want to know what to do in this economy? Listen to The John Layfield and Michael Cole Show. Let’s face it; JBL and MC are saying something the people want to hear!

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This week on the John Layfield and Michael Cole Radio Show….celebrities hacked, celebrity weddings, foreign policy misdirection, Putin standoff, Nike comes up big, NFL season kicking off and much more!

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The John Layfield and Michael Cole Show with John Layfield and Michael Cole

John Layfield
John Layfield is most noted for being the WWE’s longest reigning world champion in Smackdown’s television history as JBL, the ultra rich bad guy. John has performed on all six continents in front of over 20 million live people and is watched every week by almost half a billion people worldwide.
John got his start wrestling in a bar against an 800 pound brown bear, he didn’t do too well. John went on from that Wild Kingdom loss to play three years of professional football, before officially entering the world of professional wrestling.
John has worked on Wall Street as an investment banker for several years and now also works for Fox Business Network as an on air personality. John has written a bestselling financial book, “Have More Money Now”. John has also hosted his own radio show, visited over 60 countries and all 7 continents, swam with great white sharks in Africa, been to the war zones in the Middle East to visit our troops eight times and been invited to the White House and Buckingham Palace.

Michael Cole
Michael Cole is the voice of WWE and a 16-year veteran of the sports entertainment company. He is host of the company’s flagship show and the longest running weekly episodic television program in history, Monday Night Raw, as well as its monthly pay per view events. Cole is also a mainstay on the highly successful program, Friday Night Smackdown. He and John Bradshaw Layfield team on the must see wwe.com and YouTube program “The JBL and Cole” show.

Throughout his career in WWE Cole has filled many other roles including Managing Editor of wwe.com and coordinating producer of live event promotions. Prior to joining WWE, Cole (Sean Coulthard) worked for CBS radio news. He covered three Presidential campaigns, the war in Bosnia, the standoff at the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing and many other events that shaped the early to mid 1990’s.

Cole is a graduate of the prestigious S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University where he called action for the 1987 Syracuse basketball team that advanced to the national championship game and the 1987 Syracuse football team which finished the regular season 11-0.

Cole resides in South Texas near McAllen with his wife and family.


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