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No one in life goes undefeated. Some of us face obstacles that seem insurmountable. How can we summon the strength to overcome and press on? For a person with a disability, or a non-disabled person, we will provide a real world approach to facing those obstacles and firing up the inspiration needed to manage adversity. Victoria Mavis and her expert guests will share intimate experiences and stories of triumph. Join us to explore new ways to find the inner strength we need to survive and thrive.

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Tragedy to Triumph – A Woman’s Biggest Dilemma: How to Find a Good Mechanic

Victoria Mavis of Tragedy to Triumph speaks with Tom Skorza, owner of Best Auto Service Center and chief mechanic, about the importance of basic auto care, as well as tips for parents with student drivers on auto safety. Tom shares the story of how his father influenced his decision to become a mechanic and also […]

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Tragedy to Triumph with Victoria Mavis, SPHR

Victoria Mavis is a speaker and presenter, best-selling author, human resource expert, entrepreneur, and a person with a lifelong disability. Whether in a group conversation or one-to-one, she masterfully taps into intimate experiences that inspire others to uncover their inner strength leading to triumph over adversity. While speaking on stage, her light-hearted dialogue is sprinkled with her signature stories of overcoming adversity including mobility limitations and challenges, childhood bullying, social acceptance, and workforce integration.

As a collaborative author on the recent best-selling book, “Building the Ultimate Network” she contributed her business networking expertise in ‘Commanding the Room.’ Her next collaborative, upcoming creative non-fiction book, “The Couch and the Hairball: How a Disability turns Tragedy into Triumph,” includes hard hitting life tragedies caused when a near fatal accident leaves the main character, Torri, with a lifetime disability. Readers will be inspired when they find themselves in her story, as well as the lives of other characters facing different types of life’s challenges, as they face their obstacles and discover how to summon the strength to press on.

In her personal life, Victoria is known to use her ‘Coffee Conversations’ as a time when she works with others in her community and challenges them to stretch beyond their comfort zones in order to achieve a higher level of personal and professional success.

To learn more about Victoria and her work with employers, visit For information on her speaking programs visit or contact her at


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