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Troubled Teens: THE FIX

Dr. John Mayer

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Host: Dr. John Mayer

The clock has run out. You just can’t deal, cope, cajole or cow-tow to this child one more minute. If your family has been fractured by a troubled teen you have come to the right place. Dr. John Mayer aka The Teen Doc is here to talk about the fix. You’ll hear specifics about taming fractious teens and helping them succeed on their path to maturity and healing. It’s never easy and no doubt will have painful moments but if you are out time and patience join us each week for practical advice with the promise of hope.

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Troubled Teens: THE FIX – Drug Abuse Prevention for Parents: Solutions Not Slogans!

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Troubled Teens: THE FIX with Dr. John Mayer

John Mayer brings his experience growing up on the South Side of Chicago, (Yes, the toughest part of town as the song says.) to his Ivory Tower education at Northwestern Medical School and his years of being a leading clinician for teens and families. He is a prolific author, lecturer, and consultant. Now, after being so often called in as the expert by the media, he hosts his own program devoted to helping parents with straight talk and doable answers. Dr. Mayer has a respectful EVERYMAN rapport with the public. He is able to chameleon-like change his personality and intellect from the highbrow to the street guy. He is productive, passionate, high energy, quick-witted, candid, articulate, possesses a wide knowledge bandwidth. He has a high respect for people’s dignity never talking down to people or insulting, yet he has a low tolerance for pomposity and inflated egos.


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