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Welcome to Camp Kawaga for Boys

Matt Abrams

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Host: Matt Abrams

Camp Kawaga is an all boys sports overnight camp in Minocqua, WI. Camp Kawaga believes in creating an environment that promotes the development of self-esteem, independence, and specific skills within the framework of Kawaga’s guiding principles of Fellowship, Sportsmanship, Spirit, and Enthusiasm. We do this through an active and fun program consisting of a wide variety of land sports and water activities while encouraging participation and learning. Our campers think of Kawaga as their home away from home by making every camper feel comfortable and encouraging them to build friendships, each Kawaga camper finds his own special place in the Kawaga Family.

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Welcome to Camp Kawaga for Boys – Matt Abrams, Jeff Kaplan and Burt Chaikin from Camp Kawaga

In part two of Brad Saul’s conversation with the Camp Kawaga team, they discuss the camping experience in Minocqua, WI. We learn a little more detail about what your child can expect out of a typical day and the camp administrators provide more details on all the development activities that take place throughout the course […]

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Welcome to Camp Kawaga for Boys

Camp Kawaga, the premier summer camp for boys, is one of the oldest summer camps in North America. We have a proven amazing summer camp culture and program. An important part of Kawaga’s rich, nearly 100-year heritage is our emphasis on Sportsmanship, Fellowship, Spirit, Enthusiasm, and Leadership. It’s all summed up in Kawaga’s Ideal, which is something most Kawaga campers know and hold close to their heart.

Camp Kawaga was established in 1915 by Dr. Bernard C. Ehrenreich – “Doc E.” He believed that a boy needed a place where he could “do all the things near and dear to his youthful heart” and learn to “mix with fellows of his own age.” As one of the first 25 camps in the country, Doc E was a pioneer in the camping industry. At a time when camping was virtually an unknown Doc E understood that play was an essential part of a child’s life. He also recognized that “unless a camp improves a boy physically, mentally and morally then that camp has accomplished but little.”

From these origins, Matt and Karen “Dewey” Abrams now serve as the Camp Directors and continue to keep Kawaga as a thriving summer camp for boys. This same philosophy espoused by Doc E is adhered to today by Matt & Dewey, when it is as important as ever for our youth to have camp and an active lifestyle in their life. Matt & Dewey believe camp is as important and necessary as ever because it provides for our young men what school does not and cannot provide to them in today’s learning environment.

Kawaga Campers are on the move non-stop whether playing sports, enjoying the waterfront or participating in one of great Evening Programs. Although we have a distinguished past, we do not ever take our campers or their families for granted. We constantly update our facilities and programming, making many improvements to Kawaga’s physical structure and camp operations. However, the basic principles and philosophies are still strongly intact. We are proud that his original Ideal of Character Building still guides our boys each summer. The values of Fellowship, Sportsmanship, Spirit, and Enthusiasm are still the backbone of our institution.

Following the Ideal started by Doc E and his family, today Kawaga provides an active, fun and safe program for all of its campers. By providing a fresh and exciting active program for boys ages 7-16, while mixing in the traditions and heritage of 100 years worth of experience, Camp Kawaga creates a camp culture that is unmatched. Kawaga’s staff and administration work hard to provide an environment where boys can feel safe, make friends and gain self-confidence.