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Roth IRAs, CDs, stocks, insurance, your 401K . . .what are the right choices for your financial future? “Your Money: Your Choices” will clear out the cobwebs and confusion surrounding these concepts and more with clear and concise information. You’ll hear tips and tools that you can put into action right now to help save your hard earned income in way that will protect your future for a healthy retirement. Whether you are a single mom or a father of five, “Your Money: Your Choices” will get you on track and put your money back in your control where it belongs!

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Your Money: Your Choices with Hank Coleman

Hank Coleman: financial planner, writer, and blogger

Hank Coleman is a professional in the government sector as well as a financial planner who specializes in helping low to middle class Americans who feel disenfranchised with their finances, unsure where to start, or even brand new to the world of managing their finances, investing, and taking control of their money.

For over four years now, Hank has been a popular personal finance blogger who writes about all types of personal finance topics such as investing, retirement, savings, debt, insurance, estate planning, and other subjects on my personal finance blog, Money Q&A. Additionally, his writing has been featured in both print and on nationally recognized websites such as The Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha,, Five Cent Nickel, Fox Business, and many others.

Unlike most bloggers, Hank’s story didn’t start out with conquering a mountain of credit card debt or student loans after college that you see all too often from many general finance bloggers. Instead, Hank backs up his no nonsense financial advice and actionable steps with the education and pedigree that his readers deserve. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, a Masters Degree in Finance, and a Graduate Certificate in Personal Financial Planning from several distinguished colleges and universities around the country. A decorated Army combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Hank has a passion for helping people with their money problems and answering all types of money questions in the hopes of leading people to their own financial dreams.

Hank spends his time outside of the office with his wife, two young sons, and their Yorkie. He enjoys traveling, continuing to try to learn to play the guitar, hopelessly following his beloved Atlanta Braves, and checking off items from his bucket list.


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