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2012 Higher Love

Sri and Kira

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2012! How do we prepare for what we cannot even imagine? Is the Mayan Calendar correct? Quantum Physics has demonstrated that we are at a boiling point that intersects spiritual beliefs, political affiliations, and simple humanity. What is important for YOU…right now? With five successful years on the air and a vast international audience, Sri and Kira share timely information, practical guidance, and large doses of humor to awaken greater perspectives for these challenging times. Global citizens and close friends with the Mayan elders of Guatemala, Sri and Kira’s unique universal insights and revelations support true freedom, empowerment, and the full embodiment of divine purpose. Your time for action is NOW! If not now, when?

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2012 Higher Love with Sri and Kira

Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Angelic Oracle Kira Raa, authors and empowerment teachers, are internationally recognized for lovingly “walking the walk” of authenticity. Sri Ram Kaa is a gifted Psychotherapist, Medical Intuitive & Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Angelic Oracle Kira Raa has been clairvoyant since childhood, and was declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is widely accepted as the most profound Archangelic Oracle of modern history. As mystical teachers they are known for their profound visionary accuracy (99%), their integrity, and pure stream of Divine Connection.

Sri and Kira are columnists for many magazines and the authors of five books on the awakening of humanity including: “Sacred Union; The Journey Home”; “2012: You Have a Choice”; and “2013, Mayan Sunrise”. Their profound work is life altering and exactly what the world needs now to lift through the challenges we collectively face and create a new way of being. Sri & Kira pour forth the healing love of the Archangelic realm in a way that touches the authenticity of your being and ignites your soul.


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