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Are you living a vibrant, joyful,fulfilled life? Self-empowerment, self-awareness, and self-love, are all a conscious choice. You become a fearless warrior of your own life as you learn to trust your intuition to guide you. Here on A Woman’s Path to Consciousness, you’ll hear thought-provoking stories, ideas, tools and lessons from interviews and conversations with other remarkable, empowered women, just like you. We’ll learn to celebrate our uniqueness, share our gifts, while receiving self-love and acceptance. Join us for your Aha! moment to wake up to your soul’s purpose.

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A Woman’s Path to Consciousness – Up and Coming Singer/Songwriter: Lakin (Part 2)

Lakin (Saucedo) is a young, talented singer/songwriter from California and is bringing a refreshing new approach to her music. Lakin recently self- produced her debut album “If Night Turns to Daylight” and I had the pleasure of talking to Lakin about the making of that album and sharing her beautiful music. Not wanting to be […]

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A Woman’s Path to Consciousness with Donna Markussen

Donna is a writer, transformation coach, motivational speaker and founder of YourInspiredTruth.com. Her mission is to help others discover their own inner strength and wisdom, unique gifts and talents, to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life. Donna enjoys her time connecting with people who are all about transformation, personal development, spiritual growth, and positive mindfulness.

Overcoming major obstacles in her life, including breast cancer, auto-immune attacks, and financial failures, Donna managed to walk away with the ability to see the gifts in each experience, using them to learn and grow, building an unshakable foundation of inner strength, towards a future filled with abundance, love and passion. Her commitment to helping others learn and grow from their own experience, motivates her to continue and serve others.

Donna offers classes and workshops at schools, churches, organizations, and one-on-one coaching, helping people understand the importance of tapping into their core values and passions, while overcoming obstacles and limiting beliefs. She recently trained with NY Times Bestselling authors, Janet and Chris Atwood, and has become a Certified Passion Test Facilitator, for kids & teens, adults, and business.
Donna Has Published Three E-Books:

Align – Refine – Shine: Your Guide to Feeling Better Fast
10 Steps Why Finding Your Passion Changes Everything
10 Ways To Change Your World Inside and Out – Teen Edition

Her background includes:
Personal Development Workshop Leader Youth Villages-Germaine Lawrence School
Volunteer Community News Reporter ACMI News
Print and Online Media Sales
Home Staging Specialist
Senior Real Estate Consultant
Licensed Health and Investment Insurance Sales
Fundraising Director, Center for Cancer Support and Education
Board Member “Friends of Arlington Council on Aging