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Yoga is the harmony of heart, mind and action energize, revitalize, and rejuvenate. Yoga is also a deep relaxation of letting body and mind reach calmness. In Ancient Yoga Alive you’ll hear exactly what you need to know to both increase energy output and deep rest within. Regain youthful vitality. Practice the art of stillness. Join us for this informative and lively discussion with news, tips and techniques that you can use every day to help you feel better on the outside and inside, too!

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Ancient Yoga Alive with Patty Jo Thompson, MS

Patty Jo Thompson, M.S., has taught over 3,000 Ancient Yoga classes in 9 years, and has witnessed the damage other exercise programs have caused. Many of her students come to her Ancient Yoga classes seeking to repair bad backs and stiff joints which are the direct result of improper exercising. YogaMama Patty’s Ancient Yoga postures are designed to protect the vulnerable areas of the body while restoring youthful vitality. And youthful vitality is what YogaMama is all about! She attended her first yoga class at age 59. Now at 72 she says, “I feel like I am 17 again!”

YogaMama Patty’s Ancient Yoga is safe for all ages. Her students are from 4 to 88 years old! Up to 200 students per week attend her classes. Some of Patty’s students asked her for a DVD saying, “We want to take you home with us.” So YogaMama Patty now has 2 DVD’s available.
They wanted to have the benefit of her soothing voice talking them through an hour of instruction outside of class. One student remarked, “Your voice is like audible chocolate!”

Ancient Yoga for Adults DVD brings to you the expertise of YogaMama Patty to energize, revitalize, and rejuvenate your body in 1 hour. An additional hour of detailed instructions demonstrates how to be safe and protect your back and joints when doing all the postures. Ancient Yoga offers healing wisdom to those who have been damaged by other exercise programs.

Ancient Yoga with Children DVD shows 15 children having fun. YogaMama Patty says, “These precious children make animal sounds with the postures and they love it.” Elementary-grade students named Patty, “YogaMama, YogaGirl, YogaLady, YogaQueen, YogaAngel, and YogaMaster.” YogaMama stuck! One little boy went home and told his Mother, “YogaMama is so bendy.” Now ‘bendy’ is a Yoga word in Patty’s classes, and she says, “I love being bendy while doing Yoga.”

Credentials: Patty Jo Thompson has her Master’s degree in Counseling and is a certified yoga instructor. Patty is the Director of the Ancient Yoga Institute. Several times a year she conducts a Teacher Certification Course for instructors of Ancient Yoga. She has been featured in various publications. Her two DVD’s Ancient Yoga and Ancient Yoga with Children are available now.

Patty’s mission is to take Ancient Yoga to the world!
Contact YogaMama Patty for Private Ancient Yoga Instruction, Group Classes, Ancient Yoga Instruction for Children, Ancient Yoga Instructor Certification, Ancient Yoga Weekend Workshops, 5 Tibetan Exercises Workshop, and Yoga Lectures.