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Joel Ayala Ayapana and Irvin "Skipp" Young

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Host: Joel Ayala Ayapana, RN, BSN, BA and Irvin “Skipp” Young

Change is in the air. The world is awakening. The Illusion is actively dissolving towards the enlightenment of the realities of our own inner Truths. The intention of Awakening Paradigms is to guide you, the listener and perhaps a seeker of sorts, to other sources and realms of knowledge and of a wisdom, of which have been less frequented by the Popular Media. We will tap into the intriguing and mind-bending realms of Quantum Theory, Numerology, Positive Psychology, NLP, DBT, and more – to help you feel “in the know” within the grounds well-worthy of change to the heightening of Global Consciousness.

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Awakening Paradigms with Joel Ayala Ayapana, RN, BSN, BA and Irvin “Skipp” Young

Joel Ayala Ayapana is a Veteran of the United States Air Force. He has been practicing within the specialized nursing field of Behavioral Health as a Registered Nurse for nearly twelve years, within the Cleveland Metropolitan area, in Northeastern Ohio. His inspirational work through the application and instruction of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Quantum Mechanics, and Heart-Centered Research Based Science towards populations among vast and widening socioeconomic scope, the mentally ill, homeless, victims of substance abuse, anxiety disorders, and depression has earned him several awards and recognitions within the field of nursing. Additionally, throughout all of his spiritual travels, he has received initiations and blessings from a number of prominent spiritual teachers.

He is, additionally, a motivational speaker, a Reiki practitioner, a Kundalini Yoga enthusiast, a Light Worker, numerologist, a philosopher, an alchemist, a seasoned traveler, marathon runner, and is also the Host of his other highly-acclaimed Radio Talk Show, Quantum Mindfulness Radio, on the BBS Radio Network www.quantummindfulnessradio.com

Not only is Joel Ayala Ayapana a prolific writer for Northcoast Voice Magazine and the Wonderlancer, an internationally well-renown online entertainment magazine, but he is also the Author of his newly-released memoir, entitled, The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart www.thebookofpositivelight.com

“My Spiritual Awakening began when I had lost everything… in 2009… where I was guided, by Spirit, to a state of Nothingness. Ancient Buddhist Sanscript and Oral Tradition often makes reference, indeed, to this Nothingness. Essentially, I had cleared the table literally of all of the clutter. In Quantum Theory, it is often referred to and paralleled… as Zero Point. In this state of Nothingness, we can NOW encompass and embody the purity and essence of CREATION where we can focus all of our intuitive faculties into what we have always desired to manifest from our Hearts… out of Simplicity… through Clarity. And often this transitional period of Enlightenment is perceived erroneously as a beautiful and inspiring experience filled with rainbows, unicorns, and blue shiny stars… but (indeed) such a delusion is so furthered far from the TRUTH. This Awakening or Enlightenment is rather a demonstrative and destructive process of shifting and of molding… painful… within… that cocoon of transmutation. Everything that you had once known and acknowledged by the EGO… is now then felt deliberatively by Source through the HEART… by hard-core TRUTH! It is all Alchemic in nature. Then, from what you will know from out of unawareness is that the answers clearly have resounded from within.” (Joel A. Ayapana)

Irvin “Skipp” Young is a Retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer and a Gulf War Veteran of the U.S. Air Force where he had served as a Life Support and Survival Training Specialist. His tours of duty include Africa (Somalia), Italy (Bosnia), UAE, Turkey, Spain, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and Alaska.

He has honorably served the community as a Commissioned Special Police Officer for the Montgomery County Police, the Alexandria City Police, the U. S. Department of Homeland Security, and for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

He was nominated by the National Black Women’s Caucus (Akron Ohio Chapter) for man of the year 2013 for contributions in their “Stop the Violence Program.” Irvin “Skipp” Young was further Inducted into the “Global Who’s Who” under the profession of Law Enforcement.

Additionally, this inspiration and highly talented soul has performed as a musical artist with Hellraisers, The Hustlers, the P-Funk Outlaws, and the Universal Funk Mob Musical group – Blaque Ahys. He has performed in concert with Melba Moore, opened for Michael Franks, recorded under the supervision of Ice-T, Shorty from the Lench Mob, Polar Bear, and Public Enemy.

Furthermore, he is an active member of the Ancient Mystical Order of the Rose Cross. He is a seasoned world traveler and travel enthusiast, a home-based business owner and entrepreneur, an inspiration, an Awakener of Hearts, and a Seeker of Universal Truths.


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