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Awakening The Divine Conscious You™

Carol Romine

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WebTalkRadio.net HostHost Carol Romine is a modern day mystic who, at age four, began experiencing transcendent encounters with Divinity that revealed the ultimate truth of who we are and why we’re experiencing life—initiating an extraordinary lifetime of mystical Divine interactions and profound paranormal experiences. Join Carol in this ground-breaking program where she brings her enlightened perspective to conversations with experts—bridging spirituality and science in a way that connects the dots of our “perceived” reality to the “true” energetic nature of everything … Awakening The Divine Conscious You™.

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Awakening The Divine Conscious You™ – Sacred Geometry: Energetic Template of Matter & Reality

Join host Carol Romine and her guest, research scientist Dan Willis, as they discuss the nature of sacred geometry in relationship to the structure of matter and the ability to release discordant energetic patterns (subconscious emotional blocks and physically manifested disease) through the coherence of thought and the energetic intention of divine love. Dan will discuss his scientific background … Read more about this episode...

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Awakening The Divine Conscious You™ with Carol Romine

While many of us come to our faith and understanding of Divinity through religious teachings, Carol Romine grew up experiencing direct communion with Divinity that was unbounded by human influence or religious doctrine. Carol’s ongoing, life-long interaction with the Divine has unfolded the path of a modern day mystic.

The first of Carol’s divine encounters occurred at age four when she found herself simultaneously interacting with Divinity in a place of bliss while doctors were fighting to save her life during tonsil surgery. Upon awakening from surgery Carol not only vividly remembered this Divine interaction, but she also recognized the light-filled beings (Angels) that now accompanied her as she moved through her young life as the same beings with whom she had interacted in this blissful place.

At age nine, Carol experienced several transcendent encounters with Divinity that would awaken her consciousness … and forever change her life. In these encounters, Carol and Divinity were simultaneously and identically the same conscious beingness and the all-knowingness of everything was instantly known within her.

The doorway to direct interaction with the Divine has remained open throughout her life, bringing Carol hundreds of Divine interactions and profound paranormal experiences. Eventually, Carol realized that her unusual life path had been Divinely designed to serve as living verification of the ultimate truth revealed to her in childhood and of our own innate Divine All-Knowing Consciousness.

The extraordinary true story of Carol’s journey of enlightenment, experienced as a mystic, a human being, and a soul has been shared in her book, “Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny—The Extraordinary Truth About Consciousness, Creation & Us.” The ultimate truth revealed in Carol’s book has never before been revealed by Divinity to humanity, as it is this truth that bridges spirituality and science, unifies classical and quantum physics, and triggers the paradigm-shattering shift in consciousness divinely intended to awaken us all.

The insightful, engaging, and often humorous manner in which Carol discusses our simultaneous nature of human form and divine essence creates a deep energetic connection to a woman who has walked the walk of mysticism since childhood, bringing us the pure language of the Divine through her messages of truth, love, hope, and unity. We find ourselves listening to an authentic voice bridging Divinity and humanity while simultaneously being awakened to our True Self.

Join Carol as she answers our most deeply-held questions about who we are in a way that connects the dots of our “perceived” reality to the “true” energetic nature of everything—bridging spirituality and science in an understandable and enlightening manner. You’ll learn to perceive yourself and everything as it truly is rather than as how it appears … Awakening The Divine Conscious You™.