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BE by Design – discover ways to design how you want to BE to bring you the happiness, empowerment, focus and confidence you seek! You are already the person you want to be with untold talents, gifts and skills. Discovering those unique traits and letting them shine is your quest! With BE By Design you’ll learn how to unlock your core skills with which you naturally flourish and excel. Learn to discover, focus and maximize your potential my taking accountability for all of your choices. Join Christine McKee and her expert guests for entertaining and enlightening chats on how to joyfully realize your most awakened you.

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BE by Design – Health and Mindset: Helping Women Create the Life They Want. A Discussion with Angela Counsel

Can you as a woman have-it-all? Career, family, happiness, health? Can you create the life you dream of? Angela Counsel and I believe YES and in this show we share: – How to create harmony with your masculine and feminine energies; – How to create a nurturing relationship with yourself so you can have the […]

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BE by Design with Christine McKee

Christine McKee, is a registered psychologist, author (BE by Design: How I BE Is Up to Me), international speaker and trainer and adventurer of life.

Christine is director of BE Institute, a psychology consulting and training organisation in Brisbane, Australia. Embracing her motto that accountability for transformation begins from within, she combines eastern philosophical perspectives and modern psychological techniques when working alongside clients in the corporate, private practice, mining, government, and not-for-profit arenas.

Having travelled the world over the past decade to bathe in the wisdom of modern spiritual greats, in honour of her own commitment to understanding the meaning of her life, Christine is now dedicated to inspiring a critical mass of individuals and groups of people to embrace and lead the transformation from self-doubt to self-love, anger to compassion, hatred to love, violence to peace.

Christine is a contributing writer to several online journals, blogs and print magazines.

When not in the work world you’ll find Christine hiking, exploring, travelling, laughing, embracing new people and cultures and generally making the most of this wonderful life.

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