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Show Details HostThe simpler you make it, the further you can take it. On my show, we’ll get a grasp of the basics of business. Implementing these core strategies in your day-to-day experience will make all the difference to your success. Listen as we talk with business builders for their advice and tips. Questions answered and solutions offered. We’ll help each other get focused, get going and get profitable.



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Blueprint for Profit – Paint by Numbers – Business Relationships That Make You Money

Business to business. B2B. We hear that term…but what does it mean? Co-op marketing? Multi-level? Is it a risk to align your reputation with someone else’s? Will you get lost in the shuffle? What about affiliate marketing? Is there a good reason to promote someone else’s business? What about YOUR business? Mary Kay Morgan is […]

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Blueprint for Profit with Ellen Rohr

Ellen Rohr, president of, teaches the basics, the few things that make all the difference to your business success. Ellen nearly sank her own family’s business. She assumed she knew enough about business to run a dinky little plumbing company. After all, she had spent about $100,000 of her parents’ money on a college degree in Business Administration. In fact, she graduated at the top of the class. Still, she didn’t know how to balance a checkbook!

Then Ellen found a mentor, a savvy plumbing contractor named Frank Blau, who wrote a column in Plumbing & Mechanical magazine. She wrote to him and asked for help. He took her under his wing, and taught her business basics such as “This is your asset; this is your elbow” and “Charge more than it costs.” Ellen fixed her business, got out of debt and built a fortune.

She started Bare Bones Biz – a business consulting company – in 1995, to help folks turn their big ideas into successful businesses. Then, she learned how to keep track of the money and make more of it. In turn, she has helped thousands of biz builders start, fix and grow their companies.

She is a columnist for PHC News, Business Journals, and lots of trade magazines – providing “in the trenches” insight that business owners can relate to. As president of Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber (a home service franchise company), grew from zero to $40 million in sales with 47 locations in less than 2 years.


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  • Blueprint for Profit – Paint by Numbers – Business Relationships That Make You Money

    Business to business. B2B. We hear that term…but what does it mean? Co-op marketing? Multi-level? Is it a risk to align your reputation with someone else’s? Will you get lost in the shuffle? What about affiliate marketing? Is there a good reason to promote someone else’s business? What about YOUR business? Mary Kay Morgan is an expert in B to B, especially internet based affiliate marketing. B2B can be a paint by numbers approach to more sales, more profits. Learn how…now!

    Guest: Mary Kay Morgan is a relationship marketing specialist and founder of Conscious Affiliate Network, the only affiliate and joint venture network plus “how-to” resource devoted exclusively to business owners like you – service-minded and 100% committed to quality and integrity! C.A.N. is your one-stop-shop for growing a large tribe of raving fan followers, becoming the go-to leader of your area of expertise, and making a bigger, much bigger, impact in your area of expertise.

  • Blueprint for Profit – Selling at the Kitchen Table

    As a business owner, until a sale is made, nobody has anything to do. Still we fear sales. We reject sales. “I don’t want to be a SALESperson.” As a consumer, we are afraid of being SOLD to. So you may find yourself at the kitchen table. Salesperson. Prospect. Cold icy wall between the two. Yet one of you has what the other one wants. Can’t we all just get along? Let’s face it. We love to buy and we love to sell…WHEN…the kitchen table is set properly.

    Guest is Michael O’Grady, author of the best seller, Selling at the Kitchen Table, Michael wrote this book as a contractor for contractors who are motivated to understand the sales process at a deeper level. Well known in the contracting services industry for his high-volume tickets (over $2million a year for 7 years and counting) and his record-breaking and tenacious selling style, Michael O’Grady is an accomplished Sales Manager, Business Owner, Trainer and Contracting Consultant. He understands people…and shows how you can, too, for better and better sales.

  • Blueprint for Profit – Is there any Green…in Green?

    We are getting daily bad news reports on the economy. Business closing, layoffs, rising costs and unemployment. Within this bleak landscape is a flickering point of light. The oft touted emerging market is energy. Energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling, repurposing, reducing. The Green Movement! It may be a good idea to try to save, maybe heal mother earth. Maybe it’s even too late for that? What are the short term and long term benefits and opportunities of going Green? What does going Green mean? And…is there any money to be made? Is there GREEN…in GREEN?

    Guest: Max Rohr is a LEED Green associate (US Green Builders accreditation) and a Building Performance Analyst. He’s also the Marketing and Training Director at Able Distributers, in Chicago, IL, an industry leader in energy efficient HVAC equipment. And the kid bleeds green.

  • Blueprint for Profit – How to Get Over Sales Phobia!

    You know that TV show Survivor? If I were on a deserted island, left to fend for myself…find shelter, safe water, stay warm…I would DIE. I so appreciate those who can DO those things. Like plumbers – who keep good water from bad, electricians – who are lightning wranglers, and heating pros – they make weather! I work with a lot of contractors and help them build their businesses, figure out their assets from their elbow, and charge more than it costs. These contractors depend on team members to communicate the value of their services. Many, most technicians would rather be burned alive than to – gulp – have to sell anything to anyone.

    The topic will really hit home if you are a contractor. OR, if you or someone on your team has SALES PHOBIA! A deep and limiting fear of being called a Salesperson. Sound familiar? Good. You are in the right place.

    My guest, John Nicholson, is a Comfort Advisor at Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber, in Springfield MO. He started plumbing over twenty years ago. He’s a licensed master plumber, master pipe fitter and was president of the Plumbing & Mechanical board. And John is a NASCAR fan, too! John has sold over $15 million in pipes and pumps and toilets over his career. Listen and learn…

  • Blueprint for Profit – Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

    Your own business can be a path to freedom! It can help you expand your financial freedom, lifestyle freedom. It can be a way to share your unique gifts, and expand peace and prosperity. OR…a business of your own can be HELL. Your own business can be like…being stuck on a hamster wheel…running running and never getting anywhere. BREATH! You can exit the hamster wheel. IF you are willing to ask the right questions. If you are open to inspiration and engaging new thought and action. I believe that. Guest Simon Sinek suggests that the first right question isn’t HOW? It’s WHY?

    Guest: Simon Sinek is the author of Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. He created a simple model, The Golden Circle, that codifies what makes the most inspiring people and organizations so successful and influential. The concept is so powerful that it is changing the way people think, act and communicate. From the Pentagon, to the United Nations, to Hollywood. Simon has been invited to talk about The Golden Circle across the United States and around the world. He advises a wide variety of leaders and organizations, including small businesses and entrepreneurs, corporations like Microsoft, non-profits, government and politicians.

  • Blueprint for Profit – Bridging the Generation Gap in your Business!

    Gen X, Gen Y…Boomers? Old Farts? Do we really need to alter our language, our perspective…our business!…to work with people of different ages? Do different generations think and act differently? Or is this just a stereo-typing fallacy that we use to cover up our own communication issues? And are you ever going to get those kids to stop texting at work? Join us as we learn how we can all get along and get more profitable! Dr. Cal LeMon is a Baby Boomer and expert on effective communicating . The Washington, D.C. office of Society of Human Resource Management has designated our presenter, Dr. Cal LeMon, as “one of the ten best presenters in America today.” Dr. LeMon, President of Executive Enrichment, Inc. in Springfield, Missouri, is the author of Assertiveness: Get What You Want Without Being Pushy and he has written for publications such as HR Magazine and Employment Relations Today. Dr. LeMon has been a frequent guest columnist on the Opinion Page of USA TODAY.

  • Blueprint for Profit – How to clean up the MESS you’ve made of your financials!

    Have you made a slinky-knot mess of your accounting? Are you woefully behind in your financial reporting? Yikes…maybe even a few years late on tax return filing? Take a deep breath. You can clean up any financial mess…with a solid accounting pro (Nerd Alert!) and a commitment to getting it done. Professional Organizer and Forensic Accountant, Gail Gudell – GailStorm Business Solutions – shares tips for getting a handle on the money, honey. Listen in! (PS…If you DIE, someone else will have to clean it up. Might as well get the mess handled NOW.)

    Starring: Gail Gudell of GailStorm Business Solutions. Gail has over 20 years forensic accounting experience (for the living and the dead!) and works as CFO for a wealthy, entrepreneurial clients.

  • Blueprint for Profit – Business Advice from “Granny!”

    Marketing, communications, business…is moving faster than ever. You gotta keep up! Is it time to move past the quaint advice your mother or grandmother seems so bound and determined to deliver? Slow down, business builder. Denise S. Bennett shares lessons from her 101 year old family matriarch Miss Carrie Lee Shaw Troy. Denise calls these nuggets of wisdom, “Grannyisms.” Listen and learn how these timeless tips can catapult you into the future of your own extraordinary business.

  • Blueprint for Profit – Social Media: Time Waster? Or Money Maker!

    Facebook, Twitter, Digg, HootSuite, Linked in, YouTube, WordPress…really do we need to spend time on this stuff? Do you need to see one more video of a crazy man chasing a kitten with a camera? Is social media an essential tool for communication and sales? Or are we just wasting time looking up old college buddies? Natalie Sisson – founder of the Suitcase Entrepreneur – is living the dream! She set out to prove that she could travel the world, have great adventures, participate in Ultimate Frisbee competitions… and build a business from anywhere. She exemplifies what I love about having a winning business of your own: FREEDOM! Along the way she has become a Social media expert. Let’s learn how to monetize your online action!

  • Blueprint for Profit – Re-Inventing Marketing…how to rethink and reboot your business!

    It’s the old Catch 22…the phone’s not ringing. You’d like to do some marketing…but the phone’s not ringing. So, you don’t have any $$ to spend on marketing. Listen up as I share a secret to business success: Get over it. That’s the way it goes! We’ve got to rethink, reinvent our approach to business. Here to shed some light and hope…Nancy Michaels, owner of Grow Your Business Network. Nancy is an expert at reinvention. She was a super successful business owner and Marketing Maven…then a devastating trauma laid her low. She bounced back and got stronger and wiser… and funnier! Don’t come to Nancy singing the blues about how tough business and life can be. Get ready for some tough love and sure fire ways to crank up your business.

  • Blueprint for Profit – Kindergarten Tips for Business Owners

    In business, sometimes it feels like you are surrounded by 5 year olds! Total chaos! Is business really just babysitting? Let’s learn how to handle the “kids” as we visit with Trish Saccomano, author of the Kindergarteners at Work book series. Yep, everything you need to learn about business can be learned in Kindergarten! Listen in. Bring a snack and your blankie.

  • Blueprint for Profit – How to Get Your Team Tuned In

    Sheesh. Employees. You tell them what to do and how to do it…over and over again! Whatever happened to common sense? Why don’t they do what you want them to do? Al Levi, author of Operating Power!, hits you right between the eyes with his no-pussy-footing around approach to accountability, compliance…and getting things done. Without pulling your hair out. Learn how to stop enabling poor performance and get your team doing the right thing, right now.