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Show Details HostExperience and celebrate with M. Nora Klaver the inspirational ideas that change lives! Join her as she invites authors, visionaries, speakers and celebrities to replay their breakthroughs and then fast-forward to the innovative implications of each great idea. Spend an hour in inspired thinking and idea generation. Learn from Nora and our guests what it means to brainstorm and begin to dream up a whole new world. | |

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A renowned speaker and facilitator of innovation, Tom Wojec understands the power of design. He uses a tangible and engaging approach to gather the ideas, define context and form the plan for businesses like Nike and Ford Motor Company. Join Nora as she talks with Tom about the importance of seeing the brainstorm fully before […]

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Brainstorms with M. Nora Klaver

Nora is a master coach and speaker with 20 years of experience (despite her obviously young looks), a radio host (but you knew that), and the author of the counterintuitive “Mayday! Asking for Help in Times of Need,” (Berrett-Koehler Publishers) – an anti-self-help book. Naturally curious and introspective, Nora has a way of getting her clients and radio guests to open up so that the hour you spend with her is entertaining and worth your time.


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  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH INNOVATIONS GURU TOM WUJEC A renowned speaker and facilitator of innovation, Tom Wojec understands the power of design. He uses a tangible and engaging approach to gather the ideas, define context and form the plan for businesses like Nike and Ford Motor Company. Join Nora as she talks with Tom about the importance of seeing the brainstorm fully before acting upon it.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH AJ HONEYCUTT, HEMI-SYNC TECHNOLOGIES Feeling a little scattered, a little out of control? Feeling like you need someone to hit your reset button? Listen in as Nora speaks with AJ Honeycutt, of Monroe Products, creaters and producers of Hemi-Sync audio systems. Learn how the systems work and how they can create a new environment for you so you can find a way ...
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH AUTHOR, THERAPIST, CREATIVE COACH ERIC MAISEL Come brainstorming with Nora and Eric Maisel as they discuss his new book, “Brainstorm; Harnessing the Power of Creative Obsession.” Together Nora and Eric cover why “obsession” can be a great thing and how to make it happen in your own life. Find a way to “make” meaning rather than just “seek” it!
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMS WITH MUSICIAN, AUTHOR TOM CORWIN What kind of limits have you placed on yourself? Join Nora as she interviews Tom Corwin, musician, author, producer, filmmaker and learn how refused to limit himself. Nowadays, Tom is fighting illiteracy by inviting top name authors to join him on the road Behind the Wheel of the Bookmobile! Find out how you can be part of his ...
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH MIKE JAFFE Do you need a wake-up call in your professional and personal life? Life coach, Mike Jaffe, joins Nora this week to discuss the wake-up calls that we all tend to ignore and how, by going through life hitting the “snooze button,” we are neglecting signs of unhappiness and unfulfillment.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH LAUREL DONNELLAN Still searching for what you were “born to do?” Listen in as Laurel Donnellan, author of “Born To Do: The Practical Guide to Loving Your Work,” discusses the 3 Leaps to achieving fulfillment. This approach incorporates positive psychology and ancient wisdom and has been proven in schools, prisons and corporate America.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH JUANNA RUMBEL Have you ever had a crazy idea that turned out to be a brilliant and successful reality? Listen in this week as Elizabeth “Juanna Rumbel” Gomez joins Nora and tells of how she and a fellow teammate recruited and formed Chicago’s premier all-female flat track derby league–the Windy City Rollers.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH DR. STUART HELLER Join Nora as she welcomes Dr. Stuart Heller, a.k.a. “Dr Move,” as he shares his brainstorm of the Five Rings Initiative. This grounded, holistic and practical approach to the language of non-verbal is based on the principle that, by including the physical dimension, you can gain a whole new world of skills and strengths.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH DR. STEPHEN BETCHEN Are you experiencing a major disconnect between what you think you want in a partner and what you truly want? Join Nora this week as she welcomes Dr. Stephen Betchen, noted couples therapist and author of “Magnetic Partners: Discover How the Hidden Conflict That Once Attracted You to Each Other Is Now Driving You Apart.”
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH JERRY WENNSTROM Can you imagine destroying all of your life’s creative work and giving away all of your possessions, just to live a life of unconditional trust? This is exactly what author and artist, Jerry Wennstrom, did in order to venture on a path of personal exploration, trust and surrender. Listen in with Nora as we learn of his discoveries and revelations.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH AUTHOR MICK QUINN Join host Nora Klaver as she chats with Mick Quinn, author of “The Uncommon Path – Of Awakening Authentic Joy.” Together they explore path from “I” to “We” and find heartfelt joy along the way.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH DAN CRUM Are suspicions and doubt gnawing at you or are you looking to verify your significant other’s truthfulness? Join Nora this week, as former CIA polygrapher, Dan Crum, talks about his latest book, “Is He Lying To You,” and offers suggestions on how to tell if you’re being lied to and what to do about it.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH GHENNIPHER WEEKS Social media maven, Ghennipher Weeks, joins Nora to chat about the power behind e-marketing. Together they explore why and how to take advantage of Facebook, Twitter and Digg to build your business.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMS WITH MATTHEW COSSOLOTTO Did you know that May 4th, 2010 is Make a Promise Day? Join Nora as she celebrates with Matthew Cossolotto founder of Make a Promise Day, and author of “The Real F Word.” A perfect show to listen to right before Mother’s Day!
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH LAURA BERMAN FORTGANG Laura Berman Fortgang, pre-eminent coach and author of “The Little Book on Meaning, Why We Crave It, How We Create It,” joins Nora to share her brainstorm of the 5 M’s: Mystery, Minister, Magnificence, Mind, and Mystic. Listen in and learn about the secret avenues that lead us to the deep meaning of our lives.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH TIFFANY FIELD Join M. Nora Klaver as she greets Tiffany Field, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Tiffany is the author of a number of books on the power and importance of touch. Listen in as she and Nora discuss the power of touch in our lives.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH MARTHA MERTZ Just like yin and yang, leadership isn’t balanced without both the masculine and feminine. Martha Mertz, founder of ATHENA International, shares studies and stories that help us balance our leadership approaches.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH GARY BARG As the founder of Caregiver Magazine and, Gary Barg is the man with the answers that will help you care for those you love. Join Nora as she and Gary share experiences and insights into modern-day caregiving.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMING WITH SONIA CHOQUETTE “I believe the Sixth Sense should be the first.” Join Nora as she welcomes Revolutionary Psychic and spiritual teacher, Sonia Choquette, to the show. Sonia shares her wisdom and her belief that each of us is intuitive and able to develop those skills of intuition to gain personal empowerment in all areas of life.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMS WITH DR. XAVIER AMADOR 6% of people in the US suffer from mental illness and 45% of those people suffer from more than one disorder. Nora welcomes Dr. Xavier Amador, clinical psychologist and author of “I’m Not Sick. I Don’t Need Help” to discuss how to create new relationships with those suffering from mental illness.
  • Brainstorms – BRAINSTORMS WITH BILL TREASURER Bill Treasurer, author of “Courage Goes to Work” visits Brainstorms this week. Listen as he and host Nora Klaver define courage and talk about its place in the office. Be sure to stay tuned as Bill describes his most courageous act: wearing a speedo to work every day!