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Show Details HostOpen for business used to mean hanging a shingle in front of your office or a sign on your store window. Times have changed, and so have the ways that we do business. We are no longer confined to our local communities, and even the storefront is now optional. Whether your customer is in another state, or on another continent, chances are they use the Internet to find you. In the times of cookie-cutter solutions, you must personalize your brand to stand out from the crowd. Whether you hire a service provider, or take the DIY approach, a solid understanding of online branding is key to your success. While few businesses understand how to properly utilize Social Media, even fewer understand the concepts of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most overused yet misunderstood terms online. While it may seem daunting at first, once you get your SEO and Social Media in harmony, your online presence will truly sing. Join Host Dustin Salmons every week for a guided tour of this new media from the inside of one of the strongest Online Branding companies. Learn the concepts, discover the trends, and gain the confidence to take your Online Brand to the next level!




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Brand Personalization Radio – A Matter of Perspective

When venturing down any new path, it can be very difficult to discern which direction to go, and even harder to know if you’re going the wrong way. While Brand Personalization Radio is mainly geared towards SEO and Social Media, without the right perspective, none of the topics that we cover will make any sense. […]

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Brand Personalization Radio with Dustin Salmons

Dustin Salmons has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. Like many people who walk their own path, he utilized the latest tools for a competitive edge. As an early adopter of new technologies, he immediately saw the potential of the role that computers would play in business. By 1994 he was scripting his own programs to increase his efficiency. By time the Internet became commonplace in 1996, he already had a fully functioning e-commerce site and started to gain attention from large corporations that were venturing into this new medium for the first time. For almost a decade his primary focus was on servicing the private sector, with the exception of implementing the latest trends to propel his own companies.

Instead of focusing on a single area, Dustin understood the importance of taking a holistic approach. As new technologies or trends came available, he tested and analyzed the impact that each role played in a business. The ability to implement trends and build systems served him well as the Director of Operations for Personalization Inc. (a Personalized Gifts Company) when he headed up the Internet Marketing Division which later became Brand Personalization in 2007.

Today, Dustin manages hundreds of websites, has thousands of sites in his SEO portfolio, and is the Webmaster of one of the largest Blog Networks online. He keeps his finger on the pulse, and loves to share what he learns along the way.


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