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What if you could have coffee with experts once a week to talk candidly about your business? Business Café is just that – an informal chat session with entrepreneurs who have successfully leapt from corporate to independent business people. With opinion leader Bryn Johnson, you’ll learn how they made the transition and why, plus strategies for success in the current business landscape. For a straight shot of tips and inspiration, tune into Business Café.

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Business Café – Brain of Bryn on Business Planning

Join me in the café as two worlds come together= the world of the Business Café along with my Coffee Break community- all around the topic of Business Planning. You all need it… but you avoid it at all costs. And trust me, IT IS costing you! For more than a year, Coffee Break , […]

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Business Café with Bryn Johnson

Bryn Johnson spent 20 years in Corporate America as a passionate leader of high-performing teams and endless multi-million dollar projects in the areas of consulting, technology, marketing and human resources at powerhouses such as and MetLife.

One of Bryn’s many secrets for success? Her ability to take complicated, often impossibly overwhelming information and quickly make it simple and fun.

She has now brought that same passion along with her laser-focused implementation strategies to her broader entrepreneurial and small business community: on-line, off-line and on-air.

Bryn is a graduate of Wellesley College, enthusiastic New Yorker, animal rights advocate, coffee lover and sought-after speaker.

Bryn is currently working on a collaborative book addressing on-line branding and reputation management for professionals and businesses.

And if you really want to have some fun- just discuss networking, business building, social media, job creation, Jim Henson and post-it notes with her… she’ll talk your ear off!


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