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In business, and in life, often the day to day – must do’s can dominate your behavior. On “Business Game Changers” you will hear a global viewpoint to help bring into focus major economic and political trends that can impact your business. From experts to newsmakers, our guests will provide insights to make sense of trends, fluctuating markets and news stories. Join us weekly to hear how to apply tips and strategies to take advantage of Business Game Changers that will help you succeed. Show Sponsor

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Business Game Changers – Will the US Economy Collapse and What is China’s End Game?

Many economists around the world are predicting a stock market crash this fall. Some are predicting full-blown collapse, while others are merely predicting a major correction in the markets. Perhaps the later are optimists or are motivated to help keep the public calm? Maybe the others are just fear mongers? Regardless, there is widespread consensus […]

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Business Game Changers with Sarah Westall

Sarah Westall is a successful entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses over her 20 year career. This includes her largest “side project” and multi million dollar international business that she built while raising her two beautiful children. Her entrepreneurial success is derived from her passion for quality in all areas of her life as well as her entrepreneurial attitude, energy, and style. Never satisfied with mediocrity, she drives success by helping companies develop and execute innovation and market plays, long-term growth strategies, business development and strategic initiatives.

Sarah’s career started at USWEST, an AT&T baby bell spin-off, after finishing her B.S. in Computer Science and Business Management from the College of Engineering at the University of Minnesota. She also attended the leadership institute at the Carlson School of Management and completed significant MBA course work at the University of Colorado. While working in telecommunications at USWEST, she quickly rose through the ranks and within a few short years became a go to person for the senior executives of the company.

Her experience during the early boom days of the internet and working with the mover and shakers of the industry taught her early that working with new exciting industries is just plain fun. She also learned quickly that her passion is being on the forefront as an entrepreneur, not as an employee at a large bureaucratic organizations. After leaving USWEST she began building companies and never looked back. Sarah Westall is currently the senior partner and founder of Galex Corporation, a management consulting firm specializing in helping companies grow and maintain their long term vision and goals while maintaining their short term profits. The company collaborates with clients to define and deliver tangible results and efficient results driven solutions to help grow their business. She also serves as an adjunct professor at the Carlson School of Business at the University of Minnesota and helps budding entrepreneurs in the Entrepreneurial program.

When not working hard finding new ways for businesses to earn a profit, Sarah enjoys her time playing and coaching hockey and serving on the board of the local soccer club.


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