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Show Details HostDiving into the college search is daunting-for teens and their parents! Dr. Jill Greenbaum creates the space to step back and think about who are you as a parent, and who you want to be as your teen transitions from high school to college. You’ll hear savvy guests, thoughtful questions, fresh ideas, and great guidance every week. Your teen can shift from feeling anxious, confused, and overwhelmed to confident, organized, and successful in finding the colleges that are the right fit!


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College Bound & Determined – Evergreen Thoughts on Finding the Colleges That are the Right Fit!

In this farewell show, we think through the foundation for the college search: what does your teen believe and what do you believe, and how do these beliefs influence the journey? We hear a parade of excerpts from experts: Randy Taran speaks to building teens’ strengths and resilience, Kathy Griffin shares advice on helping teens […]

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College Bound & Determined with Dr. Jill Greenbaum

Dr. Jill Greenbaum is known as an expert in helping teens find the colleges that are the best fit for them. Her warm, energetic, supportive and focused style enables her to develop collaborative relationships with both students and parents. Jill is passionate about supporting teens on their journey toward becoming independent young adults and encouraging their parents to address change and transition in their family dynamics.

An innovator in coaching teens and parents during the college search, Jill uses a strengths-based approach in working with teens to help them understand themselves, meet challenges, and learn to manage — and even enjoy parts of this process. Her approach encourages self-awareness, enhances self-esteem, reduces distress, facilitates growth and goal achievement and sets Jill apart from her colleagues. Her clients say she is keenly tuned into their needs in the midst of the confusing, anxiety provoking, and often overwhelming college search process.

Jill is an intuitive coach and dynamic speaker. Her book, The Chill Guide to Getting into College, based on her coaching program, will be available in late 2010. She is a gifted and popular speaker in local high schools, as well as regional and national conferences. She brings her academic background, decades of experience in the field of education, expertise in interactive learning, and a wealth of practical strategies, methods and resources to her audiences. Jill is an educator, writer, speaker, parent of a recent college graduate and an alumni interviewer for Clark University.

Beginning her career as a teacher for students with special education needs in the New York City public school system, Jill became a principal and administrator. Her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in child psychology and special education (respectively), and her doctorate in curriculum development, from Teachers College, Columbia University, form the foundation of her academic background.


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