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Cracking The Code Of Behavior And Communication

Ivonne van Eeten

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Host: Ivonne van Eeten

Every coach develops his or her own techniques, built from professional training and experience and honed over time. Ivonne van Eeten focuses especially on the way people express themselves both verbally and non-verbally. She helps people understand their own behavior and its effects on others. Most of us are not even aware that others may experience our decisions and behavior differently than we do. Ivonne helps us gain insights that can be used both in our personal and professional lives to break through the bottlenecks in our lives and to optimize our behavior and communication. It’s time to begin the process of “Cracking the Code”

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Cracking The Code Of Behavior And Communication – Miscommunication: what goes WRONG in your brain …

Our conversation today is all about miscommunication. Most of us aren’t very good at listening.  Most of us aren’t very good at saying what we mean – both verbally and non-verbally. It all starts in your brain. How are your communicating skills? Maybe they are not so good as you might think. Do you think […]

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Cracking The Code of Behavior & Communication with Ivonne van Eeten

Ivonne van Eeten is a behavioral analyst and coach and the woman behind the business “Ivonne’s Coaching & Codering”. Her technique is based on the belief that resilience, self-knowledge, authenticity, sincerity, passion and fun are indispensable to being effective at social interactions and realizing personal goals.
In her coaching, she makes use of the power of non-verbal communication, video feedback coaching, (de)coding techniques, Insights Discovery profiles, 360° leadership and insights from character and behavioral analysis. Together with her clients, they decide which techniques will be used to achieve the best result.

Ivonne is fiercely committed to guiding individuals and teams to achieve growth, impact and focus in their professional performance so they can feel empowered, have the life/career of their dreams and enjoy inner peace. She helps people create a crystal clear vision of who they are, what they are capable of and how to communicate these qualities to others.

Ivonne has a Master’s Degree from Tilburg University, The Netherlands. Her primary office is in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands. She is available to work with clients both in person and on SKYPE.


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