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Imagine being a fly on the wall at the intermission of a dental convention. What do dentists really talk about behind your back? DDS Exposé is not your plain vanilla, “how do I brush my teeth program?” It is a controversial look inside dentistry. We will go where no others have dared go before. We will explore the truth inside the minds of well know dentists on subjects never discussed except in the confines of their peers. CAUTION: This program is rated (R), rare opportunity to know the truth about what your dentist is really thinking.

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DDS Exposé – “Whatever Happened to Marcus Welby?”

In the late 60’s, a new medical drama TV show, Marcus Welby, MD was born, starring Robert Young, as Marcus Welby, who had an unorthodox way of treating patients and James Brolin, as Steven Kiley, his younger and more radical partner. Marcus Welby was old-school. He cared for each patient as if he or she […]

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DDS Exposé with Kelly Brown DDS

Kelly Brown is no stranger when it comes to an out of the box approach to the mundane. In 2001 he was criticized, discouraged and jeered by his peers when he founded Custom Dental. Today Custom Dental is the fastest growing owner-operated joint- ventured dental model in the world. Dr. Brown’s unique approach helps dentists across the country be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. He has shared the stage with high-octane and noted motivational and inspirational speakers such as Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell and Roger Staubach, disclosing his business secrets and philosophies with thousands. Fasten your seatbelt, Dr. Brown is about to do it again with DDS Exposé!