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Show Details HostEducation Outrage! Wages a full frontal assault on today’s difficult issues in American education. The statistics are as unbelievable as they are toxic. 7000 kids will drop out of school today – 1.2 million this year. Kids everywhere are already 2 to 3 grades behind before entering middle school. WE ARE TOO GOOD OF A COUNTRY for this to be true! And yet, IT IS TRUE. What are the answers to a problem that can only be viewed as cancer sandwiched between gridlock, denial, and turf war? Education Outrage! Crosses all lines to uproot decay in the status quo and create a public tidal wave to transform education. Controversial, entertaining, and fresh, this show takes no prisoners. We will cut to the bone as we search for solutions to the train wreck that American education has become. Join me each week if you care about America and her future.




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Education Outrage – Raising the Mandatory High School Age to 18

Dr. Jeffrey Jones discusses a plan he has been advocating since the beginning. Now years later, President Obama has adopted the same plan. What does Dr. Jones claim is the NEXT STEP?

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Education Outrage! with Dr. Jeffrey Jones

Northwestern University educated Dr. Jeffrey Jones is trying to be a catalyst and not only change education, but TRANSFORM it. In 2008, Dr. Jones authored his third book, Officially Pathetic, discussing his plans to lower dropout rates to 5%. An education activist since his 2000 run for Congress, Dr. Jones has an impressive media resume with dozens of radio and newspaper interviews and has appeared on TV in Washington DC and nationally on WGN Chicago.

Dr. Jones has a compelling personal story as well. He used to be a highly successful full time dentist and was named to America`s Top Dentists 2006-2007 by Consumers` Research Council of America. However, in 2008, he decided to sell his practice and turn his attention to the unacceptable performance of the American education system, including fixing the nation’s horrible high school dropout rate.

“I have loved helping people with their dental needs, but my life has turned a page and I have embarked on an even higher calling.”

With the same passion he practiced dentistry, Dr. Jones, now an accomplished author and education advocate, has made it his mission to lead the entire nation to a cure of one of its biggest ills.

Dr. Jones brings his dynamic ideas and style to WebTalkRadio.


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