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Within you lies the fullness of enlightenment. We all possess a spiritual nature that can lead us to the Enlightened Life. The time-honored pathways to this awakening bring us into greater harmony, understanding and peace. Chavah Aima explores ancient traditions that shift consciousness, changing you in profound ways. When you know how to activate the power within you, you can transform the human into the divine and turn the world from chaos to paradise.

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Enlightened Life – Awaken to Your Destiny

How would you like to have a reliable source of information about your past, present and future? How about intimate knowledge of your personality and the personalities of your friends, family and associates? Would you believe it possible to know the intimate details of a person’s life just from knowing the day that they were […]

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Enlightened Life with Chavah Aima

Chavah Aima is a universal spiritual leader, an extraordinary mentor and a divine servant. She has spent her life immersed in the spiritual enlightenment traditions, mastering the time-honored secrets of the saints and yogi’s that awaken us to the fullness of our spiritual power. She is an experienced and respected spiritual master who is in service to all, sharing the ancient wisdom in friendly, inspirational and practical ways. She gives you the tools you need to activate these truths and apply them to improve every circumstance in your life.

Chavah holds the highest compassion and love for humanity, and has made a lifelong commitment of worldwide service to awakening individuals to the divine being that lies within them. Her mission is to reveal the ancient secrets of the spiritual masters to help everyone awaken their soul’s gifts. She offers a variety of ways you can access, experience and claim your divine birthrights of health, happiness, love and mastery.

Chavah is the author of Living Light: The 21-Day Alchemical Regeneration Plan, The Secret Traditions of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and The Green Lion: An Alchemists Guide to Juicing. She has created a variety of audio programs to awaken spiritual awareness and empower enlightened life. She is available for individual and group training, private consultations, speaking engagements, retreat facilitation and expert interviews.