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It’s more than hanging wind chimes, where to place your sofa or which corner represents romance –the real world of Feng Shui can literally open your life to whole new realm of possibilities. From enhancing your health to making your home a peaceful place where children can excel in school, you can employ the secrets of Feng Shui to your own personal and practical applications. Join us each week for this fun and enlightening discussion that will dispel Feng Shui myths and demystify this amazingly helpful philosophy of living.


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Feng Shui Secrets – Feng Shui Master Joseph Yu

Join Mary as she interviews world renown Feng Shui Master Joseph Yu to hear his description of the true meaning of Feng Shui and how it enriches man’s life.

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Feng Shui Secrets with Mary Bax

There’s something about Mary. She is a Feng Shui Master and Chinese Astrologer with no Asian DNA. She stumbled upon Feng Shui while working on her Bachelor Degree at Chicago’s DePaul University, only taking her 27 years to complete college. Since graduation, she hasn’t stopped studying the ancient Chinese arts at the Feng Shui Research Center the best and only source for learning Feng Shui.

Mary Catherine Bax loves to talk about Qi, the essential building block required for the engagement of good Feng Shui. She looks forward to talking to you about what’s she’s figured out after 12 years of study at the Feng Shui Research Center and hopes the listeners will take away some basic facts on how to harmonize the Qi in the home or business for productive results.