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Building Wealth. Saving Money. Preparing for the future. Do these phrases seem like something someone else does but not you? If the answer is yes then its time for your reality check. Money and security are commodities that should belong to all of us. With a little faith, a dose of optimism and some help from Knox Bates, you can make it happen.

On Financial Optimist you’ll hear real stories with ideas and answers that you can apply to your life to become empowered to manage your finances to the fullest. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

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Financial Optimist with Knox Bates III

Knox Bates III is a Christian, Financial Optimist and the host of “Finance Made Simple. Knox is spreading “Financial Optimism” coast to coast. He is a licensed insurance professional and the proprietor of an International precious metals concern, Money and Asset Protection Preservation & Accumulation and an online debt reduction and elimination tools company

See the time & money you save by taking control of your finances!
Knox is a lifelong entrepreneur, teacher, USAF veteran and a retired USPS, (over 25 yrs experience & service in the military & federal market places). Knox has tasted success and failures. He has written and published multiple articles from Long Term Care Insurance to Why You Need Life Insurance and other topics.

As a trainer and motivational speaker for the American Heart and Stroke Associations, he has spoken throughout Metro Atlanta for international corporations and charitable events. Knox has hosted workshops, taught and trained on topics from family & business financial protections to avoiding and fighting the top killers of Americans, Cardiovascular Disease and Strokes.

His shows “Finance Made Simple & Ladies Night” are two of the most entertaining, fastest growing financial optimist, guidance and advice magazines on the Internet PERIOD! The Finance Guy Network (FGN) helps guide you step by step to ways you can prepare for the unexpected.


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