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J. Varnie Barker

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Host: J. Varnie Barker

Your vision of financial security must be keenly focused and all encompassing at the same time. Financial Vision – 360 will offer cutting-edge solutions, investment strategies and contemporary career planning. J. Varnie Baker culls through the morass of information to deliver succinct and employable tools to empower you to a position of financial strength. You’ll hear from experts with divergent view points with solution-oriented ideas to address the economic challenges and opportunities that we face with both personal and business financial spectrums. Find the right resources and ideas to apply to your financial path right here on Financial Vision 360.

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Financial Vision – 360 with J. Varnie Barker

J. Varnie Barker is a former CEO of three companies encompassing real estate, business management, land development and construction. Nearly four years ago, after he lost his businesses due to a bad partnership, he found himself homeless and penniless. Instead of becoming angry and bitter, he decided to turn that experience into something constructive by writing three books, designing / creating the only viable solution to homeownership in the 21st Century: “THE 21ST CENTURY MODEL FOR SUCCESSFUL AND SUSTAINABLE HOME OWNERSHIP”, and speaks to audiences about the method, process, and mechanics for successful homeownership in the new market environment.

J. Varnie Barker is the author of three books, New Rules of Homeownership for the 21st Century, The Ultimate Foreclosure Recovery Plan and New Rules Of Career Income And Employment for The 21st Century. His background is in business management, land acquisition and development, real-estate investment, organizational development, management, construction, and strategic leadership.

Mr. Barker has been a guest on ten radio shows and two television shows.


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